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Egg Artists

Artist Name Title of Article
Marilyn M. Miller Elegant Eggs by Marilyn - Handmade from Bird to Booth
Jake Bingham Eggs by Jake by Vicki Barr
Lynne de Boer Faux Berge by Myra Charleston
Tina M. Boes Thirty Acres and a Drill
Lee Michelle Boyle Winner Diorama Emu Egg 2000
Lee Michele Boyle Winner Decorated, Diorama & 2nd Place Best of Show 2001
Francine Clary Winner Diorama 2002
 Brenda Estes  Winner Decorated and Best of Show 2002
Beverly Gaus Texas Egger Turns Emu Eggs into Works of Art by M. Charleston
Rob Ghio Rob Ghio by Gary LeMaster
Gary Gunn  Winner Carved Egg 2002
Gary Gunn  Art Imitates Life on an Emu Eggshell by Myra Charleston
Gary Gunn  Texas Artist by Myra Charleston
Jennifer Hardin Winner - Carved Etched, Sculpted 2001
Tanya Howell Winner 1999 Painted Emu Egg
Edna Mays Isaac Interview with Egg Artist Edna Mays Isaac by Stephanie Ramey
Ted Kology & Corinne Power Fine Art on Emu Eggs - PK Creations by Myra Charleston
Dalene Kruger & Karola Kanold Traditions by Karen Myers
Gary LeMaster - a Hello Eggshelf - Jan/Feb 2000 by Gary LeMaster
Yvonne Maegar Breath Taking - by Myra Charleston
Marg McCarthy A Passion for Animals, Art and Eggs by Karen Myers
Marg McCarthy Winner, First & Second Place Painted and Best of Show 2001
Tina Munford Expanding Artistic Horizons by Myra Charleston
Kris O'Conner Enchantagrave is a Family Affair by Karen Myers
Wendy Y. Payseur Winner Painted 2002
Stephanie Ramey Egg Critters™
Stephanie Ramey Folk Art Egg Critters™
Stephanie Ramey Winner Painted Category 2000
Joylene Reavis "Egg"Citing Art
Shirley Rose Fulfilling a Promise - Shirley Rose by Karen Myers
Lucille J. Schacht Winner 1999 Decorated Emu Egg
D’Shea Villoch Winner 1999 Carved Emu Egg
Leona Wollam Winner 1999 Diorama Emu Egg
 June Walker Australian Egg Artist June Walker by Karen Myers
Nellie Whitener Winner Decorated Emu Egg 2000
Patty Wiszuk De-Angelo Best of Show, First & Second Place Pysanky Wax & Dye 2001
Patty Wiszuk De-Angelo Winner Carved/Etched/Engraved 2000
Patty Wiszuk-DeAngelo A Ukrainian Easter by Karen Myers

Egging How To's

Egg Art Classes, Teachers Near YOU!

Canadian Egg Classes = Teachers & Students Needed

Egg Shows

Egging Suppliers

Egging Safety by Gary LeMaster

Directions for Black Pearl Elegance by Shirley Rose

Directions for Emu Swan Surprise by Shirley Rose

Decorating Eggs with Emu's Zine

  • Egg Blowing Instructions - for all size eggs
  • Egg Handling Safety Tips
  • Cascaron or Mexican Confetti Eggs - we recommend chicken eggs only for this project!
  • Chocolate Eggs  (with a hidden surprise!) (any size egg will work for this project)
  • Crayon Eggs A project children always enjoy - but with a new twist - we use emu eggs and etch them with a vinegar bath!  For all eggs.
  • Gold Leafing Eggs - instructions from Art Editor Stephanie Ramey on how to apply gold leaf to eggs.  This project is shown with chicken eggs, but can be done with any size egg.
  • Mosaic Eggs This kids project is a little bit messy - but kids love it!  Stephanie Ramey shows us step by step how to create these colorful, fun eggs using chicken eggs.
  • Rubber Band Eggs Dye eggs wrapped in rubber bands.  For all eggs except emu.
  • Vinegar and Candle Wax Eggs  We show you how to use candle wax and vinegar to etch interesting designs on Emu Eggs - but it can be done with any egg.  For a different twist - use dye instead of vinegar for the white shelled eggs!
  • Vinegar Etching With Rubber Cement Rubber cement designs peel off your finished egg easily.  For all eggs - and the idea can be adapted to include dying.
  • Thread Work Eggs A unique idea from artist Edna Mays Isaac for using bits of lace, tatting or crochet

Etching a simple design using Larry’s Kistky By Larry Hagedon

Etching an Old Barn by Larry Hagedon

Pysanka Dyeing Process by Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo

Transferring Designs with EZ Design by Edna Mays Isaac

Beading Instructions for Kaleidoscopes and Perfume Bottles by Sharon Gillespie

Emu Kaleidoscope by Sharon Gillespie

Engraving Emu Eggs by Gary LeMaster

Emuzing Art by D'Shea, Lesson in Scratch Art - Panda Lesson

Egg Art Articles

Christmas Ornaments - A Family Tradition

Easter Egg Parade  

Egg Art at the Calgary Stampede by Lee M. Boyle

Eggciting Jewelry - coming soon!

Fairy Tale Eggs

Fantasy Eggs

Fowl Eggers in Canada by Lee Michele Boyle

Not Just For Easter Anymore

The History of Pysanky by Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo

The International Egg Museum in France by Francine Clary

Ron Cheruka Offers Egg Carving Classes

Underwater Eggs

Spring Time Egg Art

5th Annual Extravagant Emu Egg Contest 2003

And the winners are 2003

4th Annual Extravagant Emu Egg Contest 2002

And the Winners Are

3rd Annual Extravagant Emu Egg Contest 2001

3rd Annual Extravagant Emu Egg Awards 2001
And the winners are:

2nd Annual Extravagant Emu Egg Awards 2000
And the winners are: 2000

1st Annual Extravagant Emu Egg Awards - 1999
And the winners are:  

Other Artists, Crafters and How To's

Artist Trading Cards-Art for Art's Sake

Vivian Hutcheson Art Masks

Two Texas Ladies Show off their Creativity by Karen Myers

Emu Egg Jewelry Box by Karen Lawton

Emu Eggshell Flower Vase by Karen Lawton

Emu Feather Collage by Fran Saperstein

Emu Leather Post-It Notebook by Karen Lawton

Emu Leather Tray by Karen Lawton

Emu Leather Trinket Box by Karen Lawton

Etching a simple design using Larry’s Kistky By Larry Hagedon

Mary Ann Dunkel - All American Emu Express - PA

Make a Emu Feather Duster

Making Emu Eggshell Jewelry by Fran Saperstein

Snowing Emus and Kiwis - Artist Connie Gulick

Tickle Your Fancy by Karen Lawton

The Essential Zone with Maisha Liwaru

Introduction to Aromatherapy (July/August 2001)

Aromatherapy Now, Then and Always (Sept./Oct. 2001)

The Olfactory Link (Nov./Dec. 2001)

Essential Essentials (Jan/Feb. 2002)

Essential Oils for Body Systems  (March/April 2002)

Essential Oils for Body Systems - Part 2 (May/June 2002)

The Essential Zone with Maisha Liwaru -  Seven Essential tips (July/Aug. 2002)

Home Style Skin Care (Sept./Oct. 2002)

Getting to Know the Essential Oil Family (Nov./Dec. 2002)

Miss Popularity - Lavender (Jan./Feb. 2003)

Sandalwood Essential Oil (March/April 2003)

Cedar Wood Essential Oils (May/June 2003)

Rosewood Oil (July/August 2003)

Lemongrass (September/October 2003)

Cinnamon Essential Oil (July/August 2004)

Frankincense Now, Myrrh Later (Sept/Oct 2004)

Massage Aromatherapy (Jan/Feb 2005)

Featured Products

A/R Creme from PEL Naturals

Cryo Gel, the 'cool' rub from EPMI

Desert Palms Emu Ranch - Unique and Exotic Leather Goods


Healthy Black Hair Gets A Boost From New Fast Grow Hair Care Line

Intensive Night Creme, A New Product for Aging Skin

Jurassic Secret Hand and Body Lotion

Le'Naturale Hair & Body Oil

Lip Balm or Lip Bomb?

Liquid Gold™ Emu Oil Roll On

NuDerma, What Your Skin Needs by Dr. Leigh Hopkins

Purple Rub from PEL Naturals

Reflection Skin Rejuvenating Serum

Sugar Maple Emu Brats


Too Old for Acne


A Healthy Red Meat by Myra Charleston

A New Day for American Diets - AEA PR Release

A Wholesome Combination
Oatmeal and emu combine to make healthier, but still flavorful dishes

Alternative Red Meat Study - AEA PR Release

American's Love Affair With Red Meat

Canned Tuna Consumers Get Good News on Research

Canning Emu Meat - Instructions from Dori Ordos

Emu Adds International Flair

Emu - Life Just Got Healthier - the official AEA Cookbook

Emu, THE Natural Alternative™ for the Backyard Grill
A hot new food for the outdoor cooking season

Europe Taps AEA for Help During Crisis

Green Eggs Anyone? by Maria Minnaar

Featured Recipe (a new recipe every issue)

Fruit for Thought?

Healthier Meats Through Mail Order

Heart Healthy Never Tasted So Good!

Meat Comparison Chart

New Preformed Steaks from EPMI

New Red Meat Takes First in Overall Ratings

OSTRIM(R) Mighty Mini Snack Earns Prestigious National Health and Wellness Club 'Seal of Approval'

Royal Tender Steaks Introduced at AEA Symposium

Sane Choices in a World of Mad Meat by Steve Warrington

Sugar Maple Emu Brats (recipes!)

Special Report on Emu Meat

Tea's Benefits From Head to Toe

Articles - Eye Health with Dr. Thomas Smith

A Disease That Silently Robs You of Your Sight

A Disease that cuts your vision field in half

A Wide Choice of Contacts

Astigmatism Can Cause Blurriness and Headaches

Do Not Ignore Blunt Trauma Injuries To The Eye (July/August 2006)

Contacts Help Ease Cornea Disease.

Contacts also Offer Sun Protection

Extreme Eye Injuries

Eyecare until Medical Assistance is Available

Eyelid Paralysis Often Related to Facial Nerves

Focus on Eye Spasms

Green Leafy Vegetables Reduce Risk of Eye Disease (March/April 2003)

How to Relieve Computer Eyestrain

Keep Away That Bad Bacteria

Lazy Eye Common in U. S. Youth (Jan/Feb 2003)

Medication can cause dry eyes (Jan/Feb 2004)

Practice Good Vision Care Habits by Dr. Thomas Smith (Sept/Oct 2003)

Sun Exposure Can Cause Eye Infections

Swimming Goggles Help Protect


Massage Therapy -

The Right Touch May Improve Intimacy

Hawthorn Tree Ranch by Fritz Gottfried

Touch Does a Body Good by Fritz Gottfried

The Importance of Stretching by Fritz Gottfried

Massage and Emu Oil - A Winning Combination by Fritz Gottfried

Articles - Health (Human)

A Floridian and Sunburned by Mary Davis

A Food Supplement to Ease the Pain Caused by Lyme Disease by Myra Charleston

A Look at Arthritis Pain Relief

A New Natural Treatment for Eczema by Myra Charleston

A Walk in the Park - six steps to healthy feet -  by Peggy Gardiner

AEA Burn Study Report by Margaret Pounder

Aging Baby Boomers Are Flocking to the Remarkable Sweet Bird of Youth

All Cracked Up at Huntingdon Health and Rehab

Are Women Weak in the Knees?

Art of the Bath by Myra Charleston

Arthritis - Fighting the Vicious Circle by Myra Charleston

Balancing your Cholesterol, the juggling just got easier by Myra Charleston

Breastfeeding, the Natural Choice for Babies

Burn Victim Hot About Medical Treatment by Myra Charleston

Burned on Her Birthday, Turning 13 Painful Experience by Myra Charleston

Bursitis - An Unimaginable Joint Pain by Kevin Pederson

Can Essential Oils Affect Your Mood? by Myra Charleston

Caring Hands, Caring Heart - by Geneva Jen

Childhood Obesity Linked to Foot Pain

Cranberries Provide Urinary Tract Protection for up to Two Years

Dealing With Adult Eczema

Diabetic Physician Competes in Marathons and he gives EMU Oil the credit

Diaper Rash by Myra Charleston

Did You Get Your Vitamin F Today? by Tom Nuckels

Dietary Supplements Affected by Pending Tax Law

Drive-Through Mastectomies Threaten Patients' Lives

Dry, Cracked Winter Feet by Myra Charleston

Emu Oil Gel Caps As a Dietary Supplement for Diabetics by Myra Charleston

Emu Oil is this Physicians Choice by Beth Silva

Emu Oil Eases the Pain of Shingles

Emu Oil Eases Sunburn Pain - AEA News Release

Emu Oil For Eczema By Evelyn Lim

Emu Oil Offers Hope to Burn Victims 

Emu Oil Offers Help to Diabetics

Emu Oil Poised to Become Personal Care Option by Helena Harvilicz

Emusing Treatment for Gum Disease by Myra Charleston

Eczema Sufferers Cautioned Not to Take Vaccine

Early Life Exposure to Dust May Protect Against Asthma

Essential Fatty Acids Are Just That - Essential!

Farm-raised Salmon Poses Increased Health Risks for Consumers

Gray Hair Shampoo: Can a Shampoo reverse the Gray?

Infantile Serborrhoeic Eczema: An Overview by Evelyn Lim

It's Not Always Athlete's Foot - Sometimes it's psoriatic arthritis......

Is Stress Interfering with Your Sex Life?  by Myra Charleston

Is There Danger Lurking in Your Anti-aging Cream?

Key Nutrients Crucial for Older Infants' Development

Learn More About the Effectiveness of Wrinkle Creams by Amy-Jo Strutt

Living Longer and Stronger by James Kojian, M. D.

Living With the Discomfort of Psoriasis   by Anne Wolski

Long-term U.S. Study Shows Teen-Age Girls Who Frequently Eat Cereal Weigh Less On Average

Low Vitamin D Levels May Be Common in Otherwise Healthy Children

Milk Does a Body and a Waistline Good

Most Children in U.S. Hospitals Receive Medicine Off-Label

Natural Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain 

Need Insect Remedies?  Try Going to the Birds! AEA News Release

One Shot of Gene Therapy Spreads Through Brain in Animal Study

Muscle Pain Relief: An Overview   by Eddie Tobey

Natural Healing Creams Can Add Moisture And Reduce Symptoms For Eczema
By Rich Fuller

Natural Skin Care Remedies for Stretch Marks

New Findings May Change the Way Heart Disease Is Detected and Treated in Women

New Study Touts Sauerkraut's Cancer Fighting Strength

Organ Donations, Fact and Fiction

Olympics 2000 (US Athletes take emu oil to Australia)

The Pain of Shingles Eased by Emu Oil

Tumor Painting Revolutionizes Fight Against Cancer

Paper-thin Skin?

Peripheral Neuropathy – An Alternative Treatment for the Pain By Myra Charleston

Phthalates Adversely Affect Male Reproductive Development

Plain Talk About Acne to Parents

Pustular Psoriasis - Kathy's Story

Psoriasis - Jackie's Story by Myra Charleston

Pustular Psoriasis - Breaking the Cycle

Radiation Burns Cancer Patient by Myra Charleston
Caution, graphic photos

Realistic Wrinkle Relief by Paul Pluss

Research Proves Emu Oil Claims Valid

Research Shows Parents Don't Know Home Dangers are Putting Their Children at Risk

Reversing High Blood Pressure  by  James Kojian, M. D.

Skin, The Importance of Maintenance of the Normal Skin Barrier with Emu Oil by Dr. Leigh Hopkins

Skin Cancer Patient Finds Relief from Radiation Burns

Smokers Misinformed About Smoking's Link to Cancer

SOS, Save our Skin!  Who Takes Care of the Life Guards?

Still Smiling After All These Years

Study Says Teens Continue Abusing Medicines

Sun Safety for Children

Ten simple and effective ways to improve various chronic health conditions 

They Don't Leave Home Without It! by Helen Hart

Transdermal Study of Emu Oil Concluded

Turning the Sunburn into Sun Tan

Two Swedish Nurses Discover a Miracle by Charlotte Von Proschwitz

Ulcerative Colitis vs. Emu Oil Gel Caps by Myra Charleston

Using Emu Oil for Carpal Tunnel by Dr. Leigh Hopkins

Weight Loss and Longevity by James Kojian, M. D.

Winterizing Dry Itchy Skin

Articles - Health (Animal)

Emu Oil vs. Electric Fence by Myra Charleston

Belgium Warm Blood Cross Gelding Injury - Horse Testimony by Jo Weston

Contaminated Pet Food Indictment 

Emu Oil Eases Dog Fight Wounds

Flea Allergy Dermatitis


Ratite Ranch Hopping with Helen Hart

A Day on the Pharmacy

A Visit to the Emu Farm (First Graders Visit Emu Farm in Tennessee)

Forty Acres and an Emu by Neil Williams

Breeding for Blondes by Helen Hart

Backachers Emu Ranch - Helen Hart

White Eagle Ratite Ranch - Helen Hart

Brenkuss Ranch - Emu 101

Articles - General

An Alarming New Survey Reports 57% Of American Teens Know Friends Who Have Experienced Physical, Sexual Or Verbal Abuse In Dating Relationships

Alpha Awards 2001 - LSU Professor Honored for Work with Emu Leather

Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

California Mother Speaks Out Against Environmental Working Group Study

Christmas Leather

Emu Farmers Participate in International School Project

From Fowl to Fashion - An Emu Leather Project

Indonesia Launches Country's Largest-Ever Immunization Campaign to Tackle Expanding Polio Epidemic

It's a Threepeat!

Kindergarten Class Helps Emu Chicks "Fly the Coop"

Legislation Assures Mandatory USDA Inspection for Emu Producers

LMAO, it’s not what you think……

MEGA Sponsors Contest

National Emu Week Activities Near You!

Not Just For Easter Anymore

Olympics 2000 (US Athletes take emu oil to Australia)


Slim Signature (Slim Dusty)

Where There is a Will, There is Emu Oil by Patty Cogdill and Jill Roloff

Tennessee Big Birds by Myra Charleston

Tom Waits Shoots Emusing Video

WHO Declares TB an Emergency in Africa

Articles - Sports

Featured Product - for Fishermen - An ALuring Fish Story by Myra Charleston

Bringing in the Big Bass by Lewis R. Jones

Tying Flys with Emu Feathers by Nathan Wood




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