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Two Swedish Nurses Discover A Miracle

by Charlotte Von Proschwitz ©  
reprinted with permission from Aftonbladet

Anki Nyzell and Eva Abramsson have a big common interest, animals. “A few years ago we met our first emus. We got interested in starting an emu farm to run like a hobby as a side-line.” says Eva Abramsson.  In March 1996 the first six pair of breeders got to Eskilstuna. Last year they had 450 emus. Eva and Anki didn’t only work with breeding. Some of the emus were slaughtered and processed. They sold the meat to restaurants; the hides went into wallets, clothes and shoes. The feathers were given away to fishing people.

 “But after a while, after reading a lot about the emus, we discovered the most important thing, ”says Eva.  “The oil from the fat is fantastic against psoriasis, PPP and other skin problems. I work on a dialysis ward on the hospital and a lot of our patients also have skin problems. One of them asked me if she could try our emu oil. When the other patients saw how good it worked they wanted to try it too. All patients’ skins were healed in a fantastic way.” When they saw this, Anki and Eva began to understand that this slaughtering waste product, the fat, was the most important thing of all emu products. 

The healing effect most important 

Suddenly it wasn’t as important to get as many animals as possible to the two nurses. The more important thing was to help as many people as possible to reduce pain and to heal as many as possible. Anki Nyzell got reading material from USA and she learned a little about how to make this oil. Then they started to make oil in their company, KEBA Emucenter HB, and then they sent it to an emu oil refining company in USA.  “Now we have our own Swedish oil for sale in health stores and over the Internet”, says Anki.

 Oil analysis going on

In the local hospital, Mälarsjukhuset, Doktor (doctor) Mats Blad has started a study on the oil. A group of students in Umeå University also have studies going on with analysis of the oil.

“I have cured my tennis arm with emu liniment”, says Eva Abramsson. “Besides bad skin problems and wounds we have also seen good results with emu products on inflammation in the gums, sunburns, mosquito- and other insect bites, burned skin, and leg wounds. The oil also can have a positive effect on different discomforts in the muscles and it’s very good to use with massage”.

“Other benefits we have been told of are taking down the cholesterol levels in the blood when you take it in caps”, says Anki Nyzell. “We have been reading about the oil stabilizing blood sugar levels on diabetics and it has a good effect on intestinal problems such as Morbus Chron and Ulceros cholitis, but we have no experience of that ourselves yet.”

One year ago Anki and Eva unfortunately had to stop farming emus when Anki developed “Farmers Lung”, a bad allergy to dust from hay and grains. Now they just are working with making oil from other farmers animals. “But we are still able to help people to get help from the oils benefits because of the processing of the fat”, says Anki.  

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Page 3 Britta, Eija and Ulla found help against their skin problems.    

Visit Anki & Eva's Web Site at
Keba Emucenter i Eskilstuna




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