Easter (Paska) Morning

From the Pysanky Showcase we have "Easter Morning" by award winning artist Patty Wiszuk-de Angelo.  The ancient Ukrainian Folk Art form known as Pysanky began with chicken eggs as the artists medium; but, has evolved over the years to include a wide variety of eggs.  The use of an emu egg is especially appropriate when creating an Pysanky Easter egg as the color green symbolizes hope and victory over death while white stands for purity.  The symbolism of this egg continues with the carving:

The Cross itself stands for The Crucifixion while the willow boughs springing from behind symbolize the resurrection.   The continuous band around the egg means eternal life.  Symbolism within the band includes the Ladder to Heaven, Triangles representing the Holy Trinity, the Sieve symbol which reminds us that Christ is the fisher of men and Wolves Teeth for Protection.

Add this Etched Emu Egg to your collection for $250.00.

Visit the Pysanky Showcase for more information and ordering instructions.



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