Bread of Life

This award-winning ostrich-egg pysanka is like a fragile Easter card written in the symbolic Ukrainian language of colour and design, translated as follows:

Yellow: Spirituality and Wisdom
Orange: Endurance and Ambition
Red: Enthusiasm, Life, Hope, Passion, Love, and Bravery
Green: Growth and Innocence
Blue: Health
Violet: Faith and Trust
Brown: Happiness
White: Purity
Black: Remembrance and Night

Egg: Rebirth and the Tomb from which Christ rose from the dead
Wolves' Teeth: For Protection
Ribbon Around Egg: Eternal, Everlasting Life
Dots: Mary's tears and Stars/Eternity
Wheat: Good Health and Bountiful Harvest
Triangle: Holy Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)
Grapevine: Growing Church, Good Fruits of Christian Life
Cross: Resurrected Christ and Victory over Death
Fish: Ancient Symbol for Jesus Christ
Nets: Fishers of Men and Women/Apostles
Eight-pointed Star: Christ and Life Itself
Water: Providing Wealth

"Bread of Life" thus translates into a remembrance and celebration of Christ's triumphal resurrection and victory over death on the cross, and of His precious nourishing gift of the Holy Eucharist.  Jesus Christ calls each of us to be enthusiastic "Fishers of Men/Women" as we journey in faith along the path to Everlasting Life.  May God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ (the Bread of Life), and the Holy Spirit protect you and bless you with good health, happiness, and many graces as you grow in faith, trust, wisdom, and hope!

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