Celtic Cross

This carved emu egg features a variation of a Celtic cross on one side and stylized rebirth on the other.

There are no human cultures that do not include the both the cross and the circle.  In ancient cultures the plain circle symbolized continuation, never-ending life, eternity.  The cross implies a finite measure, a point in space and time.  Joining these together, one within the other, implies the joining of Heaven and Earth. The cross is decorated with ornate knot-work in the form of a four cord plait.   The Celts believed that the human soul was a a fragment of the divine that would return to it's source upon death, only to be reborn again and again until it had reached perfection.  The knot-work pattern on spiritual growth, unbroken and continuous.

The back of the egg shows in stylized form the spirit reentering the body after 3 days. 

From Texas artist Gary Gunn, this egg is available by special order for $135.00.  Order on-line at  Carved Eggs by Gary Gunn.


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