Fantasy Egg Art

The egg art on the following pages salute the imagination of mankind.  Our egg artists have drawn inspiration from the bowels of legend to create a selection of fantasy creatures sure to please.  
Each work of art on the following pages is the property of the individual artist.  It is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, either electronically or otherwise without the express written permission of the artist.  Click on the pictures below to see a larger, more detailed view of the art work, description and prices.

Dragon on Goose Egg
by Darlene Krowl

Unicorn Ostrich Egg
by Ron Cheruka

Fae Glendine
by Noreen Stewart

Draco the Dragon
by Tina Munford

by Bob Brighton

Eye of Horus
by Claude Garber

Blue Fairy Egg
by Ann Tollette

by Claude Garber

by Lee M. Boyle

Chinese Dragon
by Darlene Krowl

Dragon on Emu
by Darlene Krowl

Snow Fairy
by Lynne de Boer

Dueling Dragon I
by Karen Myers

Night of the Unicorn
by Karen Myers

by Karen Myers

Fairies & Swans
by Marg McCarthy

Rose Garden Fairy
by Susie Q Lee

Standing Horus
by Claude Garber

Pegasus by
Bob Brighton

Frankenstein Lives!
by Lee M. Boyle

Ching Lung
by Dawn Smith

by Peggy J. Vincent

Dragon Family
by Peggy J. Vincent

by Jody's Designs

The Garden Fairy, Angel
by Tina Munford

The Black Unicorn
By Tina Munford

Dragon Fire II
by Jody's Designs

Year of the Dragon
by Lee M. Boyle

Fairies at Play
by Karen Prince

Unicorn Jewel Box
Peg M. Gardiner

by Peggy J. Vincent

What the Gargoyle
by Mary Chidester

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