Fairy Tale or Story Book Eggs

Why are stories called fairy tales that don't have anything to do with fairies?  The French tales (written largely by women) were called "contes de fees."'  This translated into English as "'fairy tales"' and became widely used, even to the point of describing the tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson.  The art you are going to see on the next few pages cover a variety of tales, some old and some new that are destined to become classics.  We hope that you will enjoy the work of the artists represented below as much as you enjoyed the stories.  

Each work of art on the following pages is the property of the individual artist.  It is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, either electronically or otherwise without the express written permission of the artist.  Click on the pictures below to see a larger, more detailed view of the art work, description and prices.

The Gingerbread Man
by Noreen Stewart

Snow White
by Beverly of NZ

The Frog Prince
by Lynne de Boer

The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe
by Maureen Williams

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
by Lynne de Boer

Cinderella Rose
by Kelley Erdos

Little Red Riding Hood

Cinderella's Royal Carriage
by Lynne de Boer

Cinderella's Coach
by LaQuinta Long

The Little Mermaid
by Peggy J. Vincent

Alice in Wonderland
by Helen Hart

Cinderella's Coach
by Susie Q Lee

Betsy the Goose
by Lee M. Boyle

The Gypsy Girl
Maureen Williams

Phantom of the Opera

Cinderella's Pearl White Carriage
by Lynne de Boer

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