Egging Supplies

No matter what form of egg art you use to express your creativity, you need supplies - and inspiration!  The list below is by no means complete, but we hope it will be helpful to both new and experienced eggers.  

Egg Art Australia is a mail order company which supplies eggshell artistry supplies and equipment to customers within Australia and throughout the world.  
Egg Decorating Supplies offers complete kits with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, color photo, egg (cut & hinged) and everything required to finish the egg except glue.  Currently, there are 48 different kits to choose from.  International Shipping is available.
United States
Buy eggs direct from the farm!  Contact the American Emu Association 
Buy emu, ostrich and rhea eggs direct from Tennessee Emu farmers.
The Eggshell Sculptor is the only publication of its kind in the world, dedicated exclusively to the cutting, carving, etching, engraving and sculpting of eggshells.  Step by step instructions, tool reviews, tips, illustrations and much, much more! Worldwide distribution.  415 Terrace Road, Iowa City, Iowa 52245
The Feathered EggReady to decorate Hinged Eggs... plus Egg Collections, Real Egg Ornaments, Original Note cards, and Feathers, all for sale direct from the artist / farmer. Our website is easy to use, our products are eggcellent, and we are hatching new ideas all the time,
DK'S Custom Eggery - Doug and Donna Tolbird - San Antonio, TX. -  -- A complete line of egging and doll supplies. Includes porcelain half dolls and miniatures, kits, lace and trim, crystal's plus more.
Eggcetera carries supplies, books and hard-to-find tools that will make your egging projects come out better. Phone 410/822-2023,
Fax 410/822-8085 or visit their website!

Unique Acrylic Egg Stands from Eggcitement come in two styles, several sizes and colors.  Sizes  available fit  Pheasant, Duck, Turkey, Emu, Rhea & Ostrich.  Dealer inquiries welcome.

Tennessee Emu Association:  Check the classifieds for emu, ostrich and rhea eggs.  Occasionally they will also have 'unusual' one of a kind eggs donated by members that are put up for sale.

The Pysanky Showcase 
offers a Rainbow Selection of 38 different colors of aniline dyes for pysanky.


Red Oak Farm 
Clean blown emu eggs and emu feathers in a variety of sizes.


H & R Farms
Emu Eggs, Rhea Eggs, Ornament Stands.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Checks, money order.  Call TOLL FREE 1-877-658-2851.
Dr. Laszlo de Borondy
San Diego Ostrich Farm 
2710 Vista Del Sembrado Escondido, Ca 92025
ostrich, emu and rhea eggs
Email for prices and ordering instructions.
Wilma's Egg Art
5400 S. Walnut Street
Muncie, Indiana 47302
Egg stands, findings, crystals, figurines and more!
Gary LeMaster
Paragrave, Powercrafter
and the new lube free
Turbo-Carver carving/engraving tools
From Emusing Art by D'Shae comes this Emu Egg "Scratch Art" instructional video.   (not formatted for overseas VCR's).  The video is for beginner/intermediate students and gives complete step by step instructions for carving an African Grey Parrot on the emu egg.
Endura Engraving Systems
Not adapted for egg engraving, designed for it!  The perfect and final step up into the world of highspeed engraving.
Divine Dromaius, LLC
Marsha King, President
Quality emu eggs of all sizes and varieties at very affordable prices.  We will sell in small amounts or large orders.  Contact us for prices.
Winnie & Julie Nirich
9570 Franklin Road
Hagerstown, Indiana 47346
Rhea and  goose eggs( one hole centered in big end) Email for more information and prices.
Jody's Designs!
Selling: Unique Egg Stands, Carbide Burs & Diamonds, Polishing discs & Stones, Magnetic Bur Holders, Dental drills & Accessories, White Transfer Paper & More. 916-689-0447 telephone  707-667-1564 FAX 
Hagedon Limited Artists Tools and Supplies with a line of Pysanky, Decorated Egg, Batik and Etching tools and related items.

Belinda Sivils
Clean blown (1 hole in small end) goose and rhea eggs
Tiny porcelain-like Dolls approximately 2.5" standing  2" sitting.
West Alexandria, Ohio 45381 Email for prices and ordering instructions.

The Ukrainian Gift Shop, Inc.
pysanky supplies
2512 39th Avenue NE   St. Anthony Village, MN 55421
(612) 788-2545   Fax (612) 788-1577

Hanusey Music and Gifts
Pysanky supplies & egg stands
244 W. Girard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

The Eggery Place    Kathy Lamb
A complete line of egging supplies.  Includes many books, stands, crystal, findings, and how to videos.

Fad Designs
Ceramic and Porcelain.  Porcelain colors are White, French Rose, Native Bronze, Fashion White, Rich Brown Flesh (looks like Chocolate), Custom eggstands, regular eggstands for all sizes of eggs, half dolls for eggdolls, small figurines for inside of eggs.  A complete Ceramic shop.  I will do special orders and I do ship out of the United States.
Dena Arrington
P. O. Box 574
Matherville, IL 61263
voice: 309-754-8335
fax: 309-754-8924





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