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Egg Decorating with Emu's Zine

As Easter approaches we turn to what is a tradition in many families - decorating Easter eggs.   Of course, you can buy egg decorating kits at the store, but the number of eggs it will decorate is limited, the cost runs up and the kids always want to know "what next?"  Below are ideas for egg decorating projects that we hope will add a little variety to your Easter Egg decorating.  

Most will work with chicken, duck, goose, rhea, emu or ostrich eggs.  We have tried to make notes when a method is not suitable for the larger eggs.  Because emu eggs are a dark green, they are not suitable for most dyeing projects, but we have included them in a couple of other ideas.

Using boiled eggs in a hunt may be traditional, but leaving boiled eggs un-refrigerated for a couple of hours is risky.  Please consider using blown eggs this year instead of boiled eggs.  

Egg Blowing Instructions - for all size eggs

Egg Handling Safety Tips

Cascaron or Mexican Confetti Eggs - we recommend chicken eggs only for this project!

Chocolate Eggs  
(with a hidden surprise!) (any size egg will work for this project)


Crayon Eggs
A project children always enjoy - but with a new twist - we use emu eggs and etch them with a vinegar bath!  For all eggs.


Gold Leafing Eggs - instructions from egg artist Stephanie Ramey on how to apply gold leaf to eggs.  This project is shown with chicken eggs, but can be done with any size egg.


Mosaic Eggs
This kids project is a little bit messy - but kids love it!  Stephanie Ramey shows us step by step how to create these colorful, fun eggs using chicken eggs.


Onion skin Eggs

Using onion skins and other natural products you can create a lovely marbled egg.  For white eggs like chicken, duck, goose, rhea or ostrich.

Pysanka or Pysanky Eggs

The Pysanka Dyeing Process requires a steady hand, time, and patience.  Prize winning artist Patty Wiszuk DeAngelo gives us step by step instructions on how to create these wonderful Ukrainian Easter Eggs in these on-line lessons. For white shelled eggs.


Rubber Band Eggs 
Dye eggs wrapped in rubber bands.  For all eggs except emu.


Vinegar and Candle Wax Eggs
We show you how to use candle wax and vinegar to etch interesting designs on Emu Eggs - but it can be done with any egg.  For a different twist - use dye instead of vinegar for the white shelled eggs!

Vinegar Etching With Rubber Cement
Rubber cement designs peel off your finished egg easily.  For all eggs - and the idea can be adapted to include dying.

Thread Work Eggs
A unique idea from artist Edna Mays Isaac for using bits of lace, tatting or crochet

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