Christmas Ornaments - A Family Tradition

One of the most popular family traditions in the United States these days seems to be the giving of Christmas ornaments as gifts to loved ones instead of knick knacks that don't go with their decor or clothes that they will never wear.  For some families, the purchase of the yearly ornament is as special an event as picking out the perfect tree! Then too, many parents purchase a special ornament for each child each year.  The collection is then presented to them upon high school or college graduation or marriage.  Whether you collect Christmas ornaments yourself or give them as gifts to family and friends, we think you will enjoy this assortment of twelve, which ranges from the fanciful to the fantastic.  If you see something you like but it’s not “quite right”, email the maker and ask about custom work! 

Each work of art on the following pages is the property of the individual artist.  It is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, either electronically or otherwise without the express written permission of the artist.  Click on the pictures below to see a larger, more detailed view of the art work, description and prices.

Merry Christmas!

For the Mantle or Tabletop                     For the Tree
Click on the picture below to see a larger version, cost and ordering info!

Mantle or Tabletop

Kelley Erdos Nativity

Flight to Egypt
by Ron Cheruka

"Santa's Sleigh"
by Ron Martin

Polar Bear Golfer
by Helen Hart

Christ Child
Edna Mays Isaac

Revolving Music Box
Rhonda Lespearance

Christmas Eve 
by Lee M. Boyle

Little Drummer Boy
by Lee M. Boyle


For the Tree

Trimming the Tree
by Kevin Postuchow

Noreen Stewart's 
Violin Music

Half-Moon Santa
P. Wiszuk-De Angelo

"Snow Man"
H & R Farms

Noreen Stewart's
Gingerbread Man

H & R Farms

Cheruka's Assorted 
filigree carved
goose egg 

One of a kind 
Disney Ornaments

The Tub Creek Four
eggshell ornaments

Santa Claus
by Alice Shearer

or Poinsettias

Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo

Santa Decorating
the Tree

Silver or Gold 
Hanging Emu Egg 
from Red Oak Farm

Emu Egg

Red Pysanky Snowflake

Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo

Angel Ringing Bell
by Lee M. Boyle

by Lee M. Boyle 

Two Pysanky 
Snowflakes for 

Holy Family
by Kevin Postuchow

Toy Soldier 
Emu Egg Ornaments

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