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Cascaron or Mexican Confetti Eggs

Traditionally these confetti filled eggs are broken over an unsuspecting friend’s head and are an exciting part of an Easter Egg Hunt.  There are a few things you should be aware of if you should decide to incorporate this into your egg hunt.  

First, some children enjoy slam-dunking these eggs into their friends’ heads, which can hurt.  It should be explained that they are to sneak up on their friend and slap the egg together in their hands to crack it, then quickly sprinkle the confetti and broken shell over their friends’ head/hair.  

Second, anything larger than a chicken egg is impossible to easily crack with your bare hands, so use chicken eggs for this one.  

And third, this is messy, so be ready to clean up or use biodegradable confetti (bird seed) if the hunt/games are outside.

Option:  Use these eggs in a egg tossing game.

You will need:

1.   Clean blown eggs that you have dyed and allowed to dry

2.   Confetti made from ribbons, crepe paper or from the office hole puncher

3.   Crepe paper cut in flower or other decorative shapes to cover the end of the egg

4.   Glue


This is a great use for those old Christmas ribbons – you know the ones that are too ruined to use next year?  Have the children cut them up into tiny bits to use as confetti in the Mexican Confetti Eggs.  If you work at an office, you can also start collecting the refuse from the hole puncher each day.  Not as pretty as confetti from ribbons, but not as time consuming either.  Or mix ribbon confetti with hole punch confetti!  Another option, if you are doing this outside – use bird seed instead of confetti. 

Enlarge the hole in the egg to about the size of a No. 2 pencil.  It should be large enough to get the confetti through.  Fill the eggs ˝ to 3/4 full of confetti.  If you are using bird seed, we recommend not over 1/2 full - otherwise it is too difficult to break the egg!  Seal the hole by gluing a small crepe paper patch over one end.  You can cut the crepe paper patch in the shape of a flower or some other decorative design to give a more finished look to the egg. 

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