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Kojian3.jpg (9989 bytes)Living Longer, and Stronger
By James Kojian M.D.

As a longevity specialist, I invite you to improve your way of thinking regarding your own health.  Because of certain advances in medicine, particularly in the fields of prevention and anti-aging medicine, there is now enough documented medical proof to start thinking about preventing many illnesses, reversing many diseases, and pushing the life span envelope more and more. This may require a total paradigm shift for most people and their physicians. Just as communication, computers, building safety, car safety, and everything else has improved in the last thirty years, so has our ability to prevent and treat many illnesses; thus allowing us to all live longer and stronger.  The key to the coveted prize of living longer and stronger is the knowledge to do so. The United States spends the most per capita on health care and yet is ranked in the bottom 25 percentile of other industrialized countries of the world, according to a recent study done by Johns Hopkins University.  So we are spending the most, and the vast majority of the countries are still living longer and healthier than we are, and our ranking has been getting worse every year.  This is more than just a statistic. This study represents millions of hard working men and women who pay the highest health care premiums in the world, only to succumb to illness and death faster and earlier than most people in the industrialized world. This tragedy is played out every day in this country.   A hardworking mother or father, who is getting ready to finally retire, finds out that he or she has some type of major disease, because their doctor had never educated them on preventive medicine.  So instead of taking trips around the country, most Americans over the age of 65 take trips to the hospital and pharmacies to ameliorate their preventable illnesses.   

Moreover, many medical treatments can be dangerous: a recent study found open heart surgery to be deleterious to ones short and long term mental performance, many patients who break their hip die of pneumonia in the hospital, many medication errors are made in the hospital, etc. With this in mind, an ounce of prevention is better than even one and a half ounces of treatment.

Preventive medicine is extremely effective because it combats the villain of entropy. Entropy is the root of all evil (and you thought money was). Entropy is a force in nature that pushes for disorganization, for randomness, for the lowest possible energy state.  Entropy is why we age, as it wants your organized body to dissolve, break apart and for your cells to become more random. Entropy is why you have to clean your room, comb your hair, and brush your teeth.  Entropy is the cause of all the Hollywood and non -Hollywood marriage breakups.  Since a family is the union of many people, this goes against the basic concept of entropy, as it loves disunion. This force of nature slowly picks apart this union and if you don’t counter it on a regular basis, entropy wins.

 So if the bad news is entropy, is there any good news? Is there a hero to this tragic story? Actually there is a hero- the turtle. Not the ninja turtles, but just your everyday turtle. Any turtle will do, but for the sake of this article we will use the turtle in the famous Aesops fable “The Turtle and The Hare”.  By now, you should be asking what does a turtle have to do with combating entropy?  Well, as you remember the story, the hare, a wily rabbit, challenged the turtle to a race. As they were racing, the turtle just put his head down and SLOWLY, CONSISTENTLY, METHODICALLY, ran his race, while the rabbit thinking he would easily win, went off on did his silly rabbit things, only to return to the race to find out that the turtle had already crossed the finished line and won.

There are no short cuts in life. The prize of good health, of a good marriage, of a good life goes to the SLOW, CONSIST ANT, METHODICAL turtlesque individual. This type of person ALWAYS WINS. This is how we combat aging and entropy: slowly, daily, consistently and methodically.  We fight aging using the principles of longevity, anti-aging and preventive medicine. Doesn’t sound too exciting or glamorous?  Well, when you are 70 and have enjoyed being in great shape physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially and are ready to party for the next twenty years, traveling the world and living it up, while most of your friends are not, then you will see the power of the turtle. You say,” wow, my doctor never told me stuff like this.  He just says, ‘ Here take this pill ‘”. I suggest you go buy your doctor a pet turtle.

If you are already 65 or over, there are ways to even REVERSE many chronic illnesses?  How? You guessed it, slowly, consistently and methodically. We have the scientific evidence now to be able to address these issues methodically, and I will in these series of columns.  We will learn how to slowly and consistently battle aging, disease, obesity, wrinkles, hair loss (so I am a little vain, I admit it) and much more.  If you’re not careful, you may even have some fun. I know I am.

Your first step in this race is to try to drink at least one to two cups of green tea a day. You may replace your morning coffee with green tea. Green tea is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants in the world. It is a little bitter, and the only company I have found that makes a good tasting green tea is The Tea of Republic. They have very good tasting green teas flavored with all kind of spices. They have a web site, and are sold only in health food stores. Cheers.   

Dr. Kojian may be reached via:
James Kojian, M. D.
527 W. Los Altos Ave.
Arcadia Ca. 91007
or email kojian@earthlink.net


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