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Overview of the Project
fowltofashion6.jpg (25979 bytes) This project, funded by the Louisiana Emu Association and directed by Dr. Bonnie D. Belleau, Professor of Apparel Design at Louisiana State University, was designed to develop prototype apparel products from emu leather to expand and enhance the market.  A senior level class of apparel design and merchandising majors at Louisiana State University executed the project.  This project encompassed the design, development, and execution of eight apparel ensembles made of emu leather, and promotional strategies to entice and motivate consumers to purchase fowltofashion5.jpg (13876 bytes) apparel products made of emu leather.  Students were divided into four teams and given the following scenario with which to plan the project.
fowltofashion3.jpg (22562 bytes) Exotic Skins, Inc. is a large, Louisiana-based company that deals in exotic skins such as American alligator, ostrich, and emu.  With the renewed fashion interest in exotic skin products and geographic proximity to a plentiful supply of skins, the chief executive officer and management team have decided it would be profitable to have a “spin-off” company that deals solely with emu skin products.  Product developers and merchandisers will create this company by completing the following.
1.  Company Name & Logo - each team will develop a company name and logo to be presented to the class.  Explain the concept that guided the design and development. 

fowltofashionlogo1.jpg (17408 bytes)  fowltofashionlogo2.jpg (23671 bytes)  fowltofashionlogo3.jpg (33353 bytes)  fowltofashionlogo4.jpg (31512 bytes)

2.  Trend Analysis - each team will develop a presentation board analyzing fashion trends and how those trends can be applied to leather apparel products.
3.  Target Market Analysis - individual written paper defining and describing the target market for the products that are to be developed.  Use the data set provided in class and describe the targeted consumer with characteristics such as: knowledge of product characteristics, attitudes toward the product, price/quality relationship, fashion awareness, media usage, ethnic background, age, marital status, education, employment status, apparel budget, and household income.

 fowltofashion8.jpg (13680 bytes)   fowltofashion4.jpg (20405 bytes)    fowltofashion7.jpg (7847 bytes)  

(Note: students were given a data set that emphasized exotic leather, not just emu leather, because that was available at the time the class was taught.)
fowltofashion1.jpg (25668 bytes) 4.  Garment Collection - 10 preliminary ensemble sketches per team.  Designs should be creative and offer challenge to the product developers.  Include a specification drawing in the bottom right corner of each page.
fowltofashion2.jpg (23417 bytes) Final color sketches - 5 finished color sketches, in color, fabric rendered with swatches attached and company name and logo, and spec drawing.
5.  Costing - each team will complete a cost sheet to include itemized list of all costs associated with development, production, and promotion of the collection.
6.  Promotional Strategies - each team will develop the following components.

  • Catalog - comparable to other upscale catalogs that offer apparel products.  Be creative and keep the target consumer in mind.  Your team must decide on sizing and fit for catalog offerings.  A spec sheet must be completed for each item in the catalog.

fowltofashionmerch5.jpg (7920 bytes)    fowltofashionmerch3.jpg (36988 bytes)  fowltofashionmerch4.jpg (28535 bytes)

  • Advertisement - this may be developed for any media: print, tv, billboard, fashion magazine, trade publication, etc.  Be creative and keep the target consumer in mind.

  • Direct mailer piece - this should be developed to appeal to the target market to entice them to purchase your products.

fowltofashionmerch1.jpg (29193 bytes)  fowltofashionmerch2.jpg (44191 bytes)

  • Promotion - may be any kind of promotion: a web page, fashion show, trunk show, display for a trade show, etc.  Turn in a written plan on this promotional event.

  • Positioning - develop one event to assist in the positioning of your products.  This might be a plan for your products to appear on tv, in a movie, on a celebrity, etc.  Be specific about how the plan is to be implemented, including contacts and specific facts and information.


All students on design teams are apparel design majors.  On the following pages you will see garments modeled by LSU merchandising or apparel design majors.  Click on the team to view.

Team 1

Adrienne Cook
Jacquelyn LaCroix
Brianne Segura

Team 2

Paula Fazekas
Jessica Fowler
Renee’ Granger
Randee Robichaux

Team 3

Jessica Garcia
Dawn Williams
Jennifer Steward


Team 4

Lara Milanovic
Rashima Sonson
Christy Sorenson


These students came up with the marketing ideas and logos above.

Team 1
Karen Kanach, Rebecca Bubret & Angela Smith
Team 2
Rachel Graffagnini, Annie Owenby, Kristy Copeland & 
Brock Blount

Visit Louisiana State University
Visit the School of Human Ecology Homepage

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