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 The Art of the Bath 
By Myra Charleston

After a stressful day of biting her tongue and providing 
exemplary service to demanding customers, Cindi picks up her son from day care, deposits him in his father’s lap and disappears for 30 minutes in the recesses of the master bath. While her son and husband have "quality time" she soaks in a scented bath surrounded by aromatic candles. 

Bathing in a tub, as opposed to the utilitarian shower, is no longer about "getting clean"; it’s about relaxing, and revitalizing after a stressful day. Whether soaking in your bath is a daily requirement like Cindi’s, or a weekly treat, you can enhance the experience through the use of scent. 

Essential oils are used in Aromatherapy in two ways – 
application to the body and inhalation. The essential oils penetrate the body through the skin or lungs and stimulate new cell growth or enhance emotions. By adding two or three drops of the appropriate essential oil to the running water of your bath, you can invigorate, relax or arouse. The vapors from the water will release the scent into the air for absorption through your lungs as well as through your skin. 

(For more information on choosing scents, please see our chart). 

In our fast paced world taking the time to soak in a scented tub is not a luxury everyone enjoys. While most men enjoy hot tubs or the massaging jets of spas, the idea of soaking in a scented bath seems a bit, well feminine. How can you enhance his bathing experience? Join him. 

After the bath, gently pat dry with soft towels (never rub) and apply a skin nourishing blend of your favorite essential oils and emu oil. For a sensual massage, try our recipe at http://www.emuszine.com/august/aroma.html or experiment with your own. Remember; never apply essential oils directly to the skin, always dilute in carrier oil such as emu oil.

Essential Oils 

This is a basic list of scents and is by no means complete.

Basil – uplifting and refreshing
Cedar wood – clears the mind and relieves itchy skin
Citrus – cheerful
Clary sage – fights depression, menstrual pain, PMS
Eucalyptus – clears congestion, antiviral & expectorant
Florals – relieves stress (ranges from the expensive rose to the inexpensive geranium)
Geranium – relaxes, antiviral, antifungal
Lavender – relieves stress, insomnia, used on cuts, bruises, insect bites
Mandarin – eases anxiety, lifts spirits
Patchouli – to calm and focus the mind, soothes dry skin, for some, an aphrodisiac
Peppermint – colds, flu, sinus congestion, mental stimulant.
Rose – rare and expensive, healing liver, blood and stomach disorders. Relieves stress and elevates the mood.
Rosemary – stimulates skin cell regeneration, relieves anxiety
Sandalwood – antiseptic, stimulates immune system
Spearmint – energizes the mind
Ylang-ylang – soothes the body and mind


        Emu's Zine does not diagnose, prescribe or dispense medical advice.  We report and attempt to educate the public about the possible health benefits derived through the use of emu oil based products and consumption of low cholesterol, low fat emu meat.   This site contains personal testimonies and professional observations.   We encourage people to contact their family physicians regarding any health problems they may have for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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