An A-Luring Fish Story 
by Myra Charleston
    If you watch Jeff Speed on the Alabama Outdoorsman, you are probably already familiar with A-Lure, the hottest new fish attractant to hit the market in years.  What makes this attractant work so much better than the competition? 
    Unlike many fish attractants, A-Lure does not use a synthetic or petroleum base.  Rather than copy existing products, Panther's Secret, maker of A-Lure , chose to use emu oil as the base ingredient. 
    Compounding pharmacist and company founder, Allen Strickland explains, "We chose this particular oil because it's well recognized for its penetrating abilities.  Our initial research demonstrated that the oil allows the scent to cling to bail longer than most other products on the market.  Even if you use straight emu oil on your bait, our research proves that it still tends to attract more fish. When we started testing the oil, we found that it contains essential amino acids that fish require in their diet.   So naturally fish are recognizing the scent as food." 
    In an environment that may be muddy or cloudy, with chaotic sounds due to the sonar effect, fish use their sense of smell like humans' use their sense of sight to locate food.  A fish can smell 1,000,000 times better than a human can.  Allen Strickland tells us that different scents illicit different responses in the fish.  A-Lure™  comes in 6 freshwater scents: BANANA, which elicits a hunger strike; LICORICE, which will draw all bedding fish from the bed; GARLIC, which elicits a territorial strike; BLACKBERRY, an old southern fisherman's favorite for attracting fish; and SHAD, which elicits both territorial and hunger strikes.  For salt water fishing A-LureT comes in 2 scents, SHRIMP and MACKEREL.   Shrimp is popular A Lure Products on the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico. 
    Mackerel is a favorite on both the east and West Coast.  Look for a new salt-water scent, SQUID, in the near future - it's currently being tested on the West Coast.  Besides A-Lure, Panthers Secret markets BITE-MET, a line of specialty hunting scents for hunters.   Why scented insect repellent?  Deer have a very keen sense of smell and anything unusual in the way of scent will scare them off.  The scents available are OAK, PINE, EARTH and PERSIMMON. 

Prices for A-Lure are $4 per bottle, or 3 for $10.00. 
BITE-ME is $5.00 per 1 oz bottle 

To order, or for more information, please contact 
Allen "Panther" Strickland 
Native American Emu Pharm. 
93 Briar Hills Drive 
Dothan, AL 35301 
Ph. (334) 793-6209 
Fax (334) 794-4212 


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