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Desert Palms Emu Ranch - Unique & Exotic Leather Goods
by Myra Charleston

Man has known for thousands of years how to dress the hides of animals to preserve them and make them soft and flexible.  Cave men discovered the skins of animals they killed could be preserved and made into foot coverings and clothing. Egyptians made leather so well that specimens over 3,000 years old have been found almost perfectly preserved.

Coin Purse Key Case Key Ring

This bit of trivia was the furthest thing from Deb Henson's  mind as she worked her booth of emu products that fateful day at the Chandler Ostrich Festival. "A gentleman came up to me and inquired about emu leather goods.  He had a bag with him of exotic leather goods that he had made and wanted to know if he could make some emu leather goods for me." At this time emu skins were just being thrown away.   Intrigued, she set about learning what it would take to start a leather products company.

As with any new business, it takes time, money and effort to get going. Emu hides are especially scarce due to the fact that processors either do not know how to remove the hide properly or do not care whether it is removed properly or not.  They want to work fast and being careful slows them down. With the help of the leather-craftsman, and a lot of ruined hides, Deb perfected a technique that removes the hides without any fat being left on, and no ripping or tearing.

Bi-Fold Wallet Tri-Fold Wallet

The next challenge was to find a tanner. Deb called all over the country, even into Mexico, trying to find tanners who knew how to tan an emu hide, or that expressed a desire to try. "I had several large tanneries tell me that the emu hide is worthless and they wouldn't waste their time."   Deb recalled, "Now, I had seen emu leather before, and it is beautiful leather, so I knew better than that. I think most of the tanneries that had that attitude spoke out of ignorance."

"Once I finally received some quality tanned emu hides, then it was on to the next phase of product development. I had the leather craftsman make some products for my approval. After some design modifications, we came up with a line of emu leather goods that I was proud of."
Hundred's of customers agree.  Deb's biggest seller is the key ring, after that is the men's bi-fold wallet.  "Most of my customers are women shopping for themselves or for gifts."

The most recent addition to the leather goods inventory offered by Desert Palms is the tri-fold wallet. Although a recent addition, it is already rivaling the bi-fold sales.  The unique quality of emu leather is its subtle quill marks that cover the entire hide. Every item of Henson's emu leather products has the distinctive quill pattern that is only found in emu leather.  Emu leather is soft, yet durable. It is especially suitable for clothing and accessories. It is truly an exotic leather that is unique from any other.

Check Book Cover Credit Card Holder

Desert Palms Emu Ranch
Leather Goods are available through mail order at
or you may email Deb at Debemu@aol.com  
For more information, call 602-877-EMUS.


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