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Gray Hair Shampoo: Can a Shampoo reverse the Gray?

G. Marwick

When our hair goes gray it doesn't mean we should stop looking after it. As we age so does our hair and its times like this that we need to make sure we give our hair the best treatment. Gray hair can become very brittle as it loses nutrients over time.

The quick science behind why hair goes gray is that the cells in our hair follicles, which are called Melanocytes, start to lose their ability to generate color as we get older. The cells start to degenerate causing the pigment in our hair to lose it's color. The hair strand actually becomes transparent and gives the impression of gray hair against our healthier darker hair.

As the hair loses these vital nutrients its important to replenish and condition the air to prevent the follicles from becoming brittle and dry. There are many shampoos on the market which profess to help condition dry and brittle hair but what is important is to make sure that the shampoo you use for your hair has got the right ingredients in it. One of the most important ingredients especially when treating gray hair is omega 3 oil. Emu Oil is packed with omega 3's so a shampoo that has this as an ingredient then you are guaranteed of a very good product.

The great thing about omega 3' is that they actually help to reverse the graying process. The Emu Oil which is known as the "follicle awakener", is used to prevent the onset of gray hair. With a combination of Emu enriched Shampoo and Conditioner you will see a gradual process where the gray hair starts to darken and revert to its original color. All hair needs omega 3's to grow properly and Emu Oil is the only ingredient that can moisturize the hair sufficiently to get it back to the optimum 8% moisture level.

With this hair treatment combined with a good diet will see your hair become very soft and shiny as the omega 3's take effect. The bonus for those that do not want gray hair is that not only will you have healthy looking hair but the gray will start to fade as well.


About the author:  Grant Marwick is a freelance writer and owner of No Gray Hair and Shampoo for Gray Hair, which provide solutions and advice on the treatment of gray hair.

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