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Purple Rub
"The Power of Purple"

 Purple Emu, Ltd. Receives FDA Approval for New Product 
and makes pledge to American Emu Farmer and Consumers:
"Only top quality American Emu Oil will be used in this product".  

PEL Naturals, a division of Purple Emu Ltd. announced recently that it has received FDA approval to begin marketing a new over-the-counter pain relief formula, Purple Rub.  Recognized as a leader in the emu products industry, Purple Emu, Ltd. introduced their all-natural line of products, PEL Naturals, in 1998.  

Excellent for sore muscles, aching joints, sprains and strains, Purple Rub offers long lasting relief for the sportsman as well as the armchair athlete.  Chronic pain sufferers have found relief as well.  “This Purple Rub is great.  I have had sciatic nerve problems and lower back pain for years.  I’ve been using a cane for probably 10 years, but now I am getting around fine without it!” R. Atkins of TN.

Nettie Bunton, president and CEO of Purple Emu, LTD explains that Purple Rub does not contain Glucosamine or Chondroitin. “Although these ingredients are excellent for joint and connective tissue health when taken orally, due to their large molecular structure they cannot be absorbed through the skin and become useless in topical applications.”  Bunton went on to say that because Purple Rub is an all-natural product, it has no adverse side effects and does not cause the skin irritations sometimes associated with other rubs due to their chemical ingredients, polymers and thickeners. There are no ingredients that will block your pores and prevent the active ingredients from performing at 100% efficiency either.  “It is the best all-natural, high quality pain relief cream meeting the FDA’s requirements for an “over-the-counter” product.” States Bunton confidently.  

The product is 30% emu oil and the manufacturers have made an astounding promise to the American Emu Farmer at a time when many product companies are purchasing cheaper grades of emu oil overseas.  “My promise to you is that every container of Purple Rub will be made with only top quality American Emu Oil.  Purple Emu has been and will always be in full support of the American emu producer.”

As a special introduction to Purple Rub, PEL Naturals is offering a $2.00 off coupon for use on their website.  Use Coupon MC370 when ordering.   This coupon cannot be combined with other special offers.

Purple Emu, Ltd. is a manufacturer of health and beauty care products. We wholesale and retail our emu oil based skin care and personal care lines. Our facility is located in the town of Woxall, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Distributor inquiries are welcome.

Request a free catalog here.

Contact Info:

Purple Emu Ltd./PEL Naturals
2771 Burton Road
P. O. Box 76
Woxall, PA 18979

Phone 888-234-0473
Fax:  215-234-0618
Email:  nettie@purpleemu.com
Website: http://www.purpleemu.com


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