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March/April 2001 issue

Featured Product
terra M™

“In nineteen years of dental practice I have seen case after case of patients that have sores in their mouth, and on their lips.” Dr. Don Cheatham is referring to what is commonly called fever blisters and canker sores.  It’s estimated that over 50% of the population suffers from some form of recurring oral lesion.  The two most common mouth sores are fever blisters (aka cold sores, fever sores) and canker sores.    Dentists know them as herpes labialis simplex, and aphthous ulcerations.  “They both cause discomfort to people, some to the extent that the patient cannot eat, drink, and rest properly and may become "run-down", from the whole event.”   Fever blisters commonly occur on the lips, gums and roof of the mouth (hard palate).  Because a virus causes them, they are contagious.  Canker sores are small shallow ulcers that occur on the tongue, soft palate or inside the lips and cheeks.  Since they are caused by an internal immune problem, they cannot be spread to others. According to Dr. Cheatham, the treatment of choice in the past has been to tough it out for a couple of weeks until the sores run their course.   However, in severe cases, such as fever blisters that have spread or when new canker sores appear as the old ones heal, the patient is in such discomfort that they will seek medical help.   “For the patient with fever blisters (viral) this meant prescribing an antiviral ointment, or maybe even prescription tablets in severe cases,” says Dr. Cheatham “The problem is that patients paid a lot of money for these antiviral medications only to get minimal relief of their symptoms, and there did not seem to be a real significant reduction in the time it took to get over the sores.  In the case of canker sores, these patients usually get an anti-inflammatory cream (steroid) prescribed to help them, or will have chemical cautery (burn the sore with chemical agents), but again the comfort provided for symptoms, and the heal time did not seem to be affected that much, and in the case of chemical cautery, it is a case of the cure hurting worse than the disease itself.”  Imagine the frustration of being unable to help a patient who is in great discomfort other than to try to make them comfortable while the lesions “run their course”. 

click on photos to see larger, more detailed version of fever blisters before and after

“Having a medical microbiology and research background before becoming a pediatric dentist, I researched why antivirals do not work on viral sores, and why steroid creams do not help canker sores,” relates Cheatham  “In the case of fever blisters (viral), science has always taken the approach that you try to kill off the virus with medication, and steroids are designed just to reduce the amount of inflammation.   In other words, they are not designed to actually heal the sore areas.   So I decided that healing the sores was to be my approach, and I began to read and study a whole array of materials, some man-made, and some naturally occurring, that might be beneficial to patients with lip and mouth sores by providing relief of symptoms so they could eat, drink and rest again.  I researched numerous healing ingredients and found natural materials that were successful in promoting healing at what I call the "cell level".  So my desire was to see if I could help heal the cells that were affected within the sore.  These natural materials have the advantage in that I could work on a solution almost immediately.  The disadvantage to natural ingredients in the world of science that I am accustomed to, is that if a drug company did not make the medication it could not possibly be any good, that is, "snake oil" thinking.”  

click on photos above for more detailed view of canker sores before and after

It took several months to develop a pleasant tasting product that would work.  ”Probably one of the key factors in the ointment is being able to keep the material in the area of the sore.  In the case of lip and mouth sores, I had the extra problem of wash out from licking of the lips and saliva diluting the material away,” says Cheatham “Well, this problem was overcome by the fact that I included emu oil in the ointment, thus having the healing advantage of the oil itself, as well as the emollient action it provided, that is, emu oil tends to combine to other ingredients for which it "carries" with it.  This is especially beneficial on epidermal areas, both skin and lining of the mouth, for which emu oil is able to penetrate.”   Dr. Cheatham relates that he was very excited at the positive results “I had patients that were on "other" prescription medications for two weeks without any resolution of their symptoms, only to use some of my ointment sample and be over the problem in 4-7 days!  The patients and I were both excited!  Before I knew it, people that were not even patients were coming in my office to buy ‘some of that medicine that heals up sores in the mouth’.”  This success brought on new problems as Cheatham had originally thought no further than helping his own patients.  At the urging of his staff and friends, he decided to name the material and begin marketing it.   “It is funny how one thing can lead to another.  For instance, patients are proclaiming not only relief of pain, but shortened healing time, as well as less spread of sores than usual. Oral surgeons are using terra M on surgery and extraction sites to promote healing of these areas, and many patients with dentures are using it for their sores. You just do not know how good this makes me feel to have patients to benefit from terra M; after all, I am in the profession to help others.  Plus, being a research type person, it fun to come up with a solution to a problem.”

Several pharmacies and dentists in Oklahoma are carrying terra M™, as are many around not only the United States, but overseas as well.  
terra M
is also being used by the University of Florida College of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

If you have recurring fever blisters or canker sores, ask your dentist or doctor about terra M.  If you are unable to acquire it locally, visit the terra M™ websites at http://www.terra-m.com and
http://www.healyourskin.com,  or email terra-m@home.com.  

terra-M™ is marketed and distributed by Genesis Distributing. Contact Ronnie Cole (president/owner) at 1-888-777-0221.  
Dealer inquiries are welcome.


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