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 SOS, Save our Skin!
Who Takes Care of the Life Guards?

Every year vacationers arrive on Maryland’s coast intent upon enjoying outdoor fun and sun. They plan frequent sunscreen application and to wear a hat during those all day stays on the beach or boat, but those plans fall by the wayside in the excitement of the day. TheLifeguar.jpg (159328 bytes) The Maryland Beach Patrols have it worse. These dedicated professionals put their necks, and skin, on the line, saving others first, thinking of themselves last. These brave men and women suffer from frequent over-exposure to the elements and injuries that are all "part of the job". Sunburn is the least of their problems. The unspoken truth is, most lifeguards suffer from painful "rashes" - skin abraded by the friction of paddling out on the fiberglass rescue board. This exposure leaves the delicate chest and underarm skin raw. Compounding the problem is the irritating salt water that the guards are in and out of many times a day.  So what is a lifeguard to do?

Oddly enough, members of the Fenwick Island, Delaware and Ocean City Beach Patrols visit a dentist.   As active outdoor enthusiasts, Dr. Michael Hall and his oral hygienist wife, Alexandra, were familiar with the serious skin conditions that harsh (but fun) outdoor living can create.  In addition, the Halls also deal with skin ailments common to health care providers like themselves. "In dentistry we wash our hands frequently, sometimes forty times a day. Under the conditions of gloving with powdered latex and washing with anti-bacterial soaps all day long, our hands take a beating. Intact skin is the body's first defense against microbial invasion. Emu oil is a product that is a staple in our office, just like gloves, masks and glasses. It is the only effective, long lasting, non-irritating hand care substance we have found in our 18 years of practice,” remarked Alexandra Hall.

Realizing that most of the first aid and moisturizing products on the market today contain useless or counter-productive ingredients, the Hall's started their own skin care products company, Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin®.  They use pure emu oil.   "Unlike the many synthetic skin care products on the market, our pure emu oil products nourish skin, the penetrating lipids provide nutrients that soothe inflamed skin and help it to heal naturally." States Dr. Hall. "Alcohol dries, petroleum clogs pores and over 400 cosmetic chemicals are known to irritate skin, especially when it is damaged. Formulated skin care products often contain substances that are documented in medical literature to cause adverse skin reactions like, eczema and dermatitis (coconut oil, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, sodium sulfates, TEA and DEA derivatives to name a few. Outback Medic is a pure, natural product without any irritating ingredients."

Dr. Hall and his wife get many opportunities to test their product. The couple enjoys boating and fishing off the local coast of Ocean City, MD, the "White Marlin Capital of the World”, as well as operating Southern Cross Ranch, the place where Outback Medic Survival Gear for Skin (R) begins. They report using their pure emu oil product daily for everything from a nourishing facial, hand & body moisturizer to healing support for all types of skin irritations common to their active lifestyle.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.outbackmedic.com

        Emu's Zine does not diagnose, prescribe or dispense medical advice.  We report and attempt to educate the public about the possible health benefits derived through the use of emu oil based products and consumption of low cholesterol, low fat emu meat.   This site contains personal testimonies and professional observations.   We encourage people to contact their family physicians regarding any health problems they may have for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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