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 Product Review

Le'Naturale Hair & Body Oil
New product crosses all boundaries of age, sex and ethnicity

dShae痴 Essentials recently announced the addition of "Le誰aturale" to their product line. Based in Odem, Texas, dShae's Essentials is a collection of personal care products formulated to give consumers the edge in combating the effects of aging, and environmental forces. Le誰aturale offers a natural total care system for the entire family. Starting clean - the first step toward healthy skin - is made easy with Le誰aturale Bath Bar, an emu oil enriched, natural, and gentle cleanser. Le誰aturale Hair & Body Oil finalizes the process by giving nutrition and moisture to both skin and hair. Developed to counteract the environment痴 dehydrating forces, it moisturizes and softens skin, improves elasticity and reduces facial wrinkles. This revolutionary "all-in-one" personal care product also hydrates, strengthens and revitalizes hair.

According to Julio Villoch, CEO of dShae痴 Essentials, the Le誰aturale Hair & Body Oil formula equips the body for counteracting the environment痴 harsh forces, but not just those found in South Texas. "South Texas is a dry, hot area which wrecks havoc on your skin, but other climates also have a negative affect: wind and cold of the north; arid and sandy deserts; salty coastal areas. Frequent shampooing and hair dryer use play a major role in stripping hair of its natural moisture and resiliency," said Villoch. "Le誰aturale Hair and Body Oil aids in protecting the hair and scalp from harsh chemicals, hair dryers and hot irons, as well as hostile weather conditions that dry the skin."

Wife and partner dShae Villoch, for whom the company is named, agrees and adds, "Members of our African-American community are familiar with heavy styling and pressing oils that are petroleum based, but our Le誰aturale product line offers an alternative with Le誰aturale Hair & Body Oil 末 a light, non-greasy unscented formula." Both stress that the product line is not bound to any one ethnic group. Because Le誰aturale Hair & Body Oil is a totally absorbed nutrient this concentrated formula benefits hair that is fine, coarse, frizzy, treated or normal. 的t hydrates, strengthens and revitalizes damaged hair; adding body, volume and natural luster," says dShae. "It promotes healthy cell growth in the scalp and skin." This is good news for men with receding hairlines!

When Le誰aturale was first introduced, dShae痴 Essentials went into the community and asked for volunteers to test the product. A difference could be seen in all 20 volunteers.  As can be seen from these  pictures, the results are amazing.  The photo to the left shows a young lady with fine, extremely dry and unmanageable hair.  Years of chronic illness and medications robbed her hair of the ability to retain moisture.  

To the right, we see the results after a single application of Le'Naturale Hair & Body Oil was applied to clean, blow dried hair, moisture and natural sheen is restored.  According to Mr. Villoch, the amount of product used varies from one droplet to several, depending on the texture and amount of hair each consumer has.  "Obviously someone with long hair would use more Le'Naturale Hair & Body Oil to achieve the same results as someone with short hair."

The new product line has met with great success in south Texas and has begun to move into other states, with customers as far away as California raving about the results.  "I apologize for bugging you with daily discoveries, but I simply love this Hair & Body Oil.  I cannot believe the results.  My hair looks as if I just came from the beauty shop.  It appears styled - with a decent cut which it definitely hasn't, and the volume!!!!  And I haven't even put a hot comb to it yet.  I cannot believe how nice it looks.  And the softness!  I was shocked to see the wonderful results I am getting in just a few hours."

As a Special Introduction Gift (Happy Holidays Everyone) for Emu's Zine readers, dShae's Essentials is offering a FREE Le'Naturale Bath Bar with every order of Le'Naturale Hair & Body Oil until December 31, 2002.  Use coupon code EZ101 when ordering by phone or mail.

dShae's Essentials is a private label of Big Bird Villa.  We wholesale and retail our emu oil based skin care and personal care lines. Our facility is located in Odem, Texas. Distributor inquiries are welcome. 

For more information on dShae's Essentials, visit their website or call 1-800-792-4471.  

dShae's Essentials
Personal care products that
make a REAL difference.

        Emu's Zine does not diagnose, prescribe or dispense medical advice.  We report and attempt to educate the public about the possible health benefits derived through the use of emu oil based products and consumption of low cholesterol, low fat emu meat.   This site contains personal testimonies and professional observations.   We encourage people to contact their family physicians regarding any health problems they may have for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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