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New Product for Aging Skin

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Cutaneous aging affects several layers of the skin, but the major effects are seen in the dermis. A part of this is due to intrinsic or innate aging, the slow, irreversible process of degeneration of tissue throughout the body. An even larger part, perhaps as much as 80%, is due to exposure to the elements. More and more sun worshipers of the 60's and 70's are now paying the price, and seeking help from Dermatologists. Some even consider plastic surgery. 

The Dean’s List® is introducing a new emu oil based product which can slow the degeneration process and aid in reversing the damage without the requirements of a visit to the doctors office and the cost of a prescription medication. 

Intensive Night Serum™  contains retinoic acid and emu oil, a natural skin emollient. Retinoic acid (the same ingredient found in the prescription drug Retin A) is contained at levels that do not require a prescription. 

According to information published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Retinoic acid has been proven to inhibit the induction of skin altering substances produced naturally by the body as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays. Retinoic acid does not interfere with the natural processes of defense the body uses against exposure to ultraviolet rays." 

Human skin disallows penetration of products containing phospholipids such as lotions using petroleum based ingredients. Emu oil is phospholipid free, allowing it to penetrate the skin. Emu oil is approximately 40% oleic acid, an Omega 9 fatty acid, that penetrates the skin and carries the retinoic acid below the upper dermis to the middle dermis. Emu oil also naturally contains linoleic and linolenic acids (essential fatty acids) that are known to be anti-inflammatory. Emu oil has been proven to thicken the skin by as much as 14% which off-sets the negative effects of skin peeling caused by a product such as Retin A. The combination of retinoic acid and emu oil decreases wrinkles and retards the appearance of aging skin. 

For persons considering seeing a Dermatologist, or even plastic surgeon about their aging skin, there are several advantages to trying Night Serum. Developed by Dr. Dan Dean, Intensive Night Serum™   is effective, and the reasons are based on scientific research. It is cost effective in that it eliminates the necessity of a doctor’s office visit and the purchase of a prescription medication. In combination with emu oil, patients do not experience the side effects of redness, irritation, and peeling from retinoic acid. Patients using Intensive Night Serum™  are not prohibited from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. They may maintain their normal outdoor activities.  

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