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Etching the Old Barn using Larry’s Kistky
(Larry's second attempt at etching an emu egg)

 by Larry Hagedon

This etching is of the barn I played in as a child, and milked many a cow too. I have painted it many times in oils, often painting it thru a window on the inside of a chicken egg.

I used my Vertical Kistka and a #2 tip. I found that with the #2 and natural beeswax, I had more trouble seeing my lines on the green shell. Perhaps a whitened wax of some sort would work better. I do not have this problem as much with the larger #3 tip. For this work, I used no guidelines and worked from memory.

 After I finished the design I used my Kistka (click on picture to the left for better view) to fill the end hole in the egg but I scrimped a little and it did leak. When I put it in the etching solution I noted bubbles coming from the hole so I quickly stopped the etching and brushed it with a toothbrush under running water. I then pulled the wax plug and rinsed the interior. After the etching solution hits the egg, the wax becomes very visible and a couple of errors became apparent. I let the egg dry thoroughly and went over much of the drawing again, fixing the errors and shading many places. I then re-plugged the hole, waxing out on the egg a 1/32 or so to make a good seal. Back into the etching solution. I find that keeping the egg moving in the solution is beneficial; I wear rubber gloves and turn the egg constantly. I frequently brush it under the faucet and etch again until I judge it is light enough. Another thorough brush and rinse and let it dry.

Technically it is nothing fancy and I went around the egg a bit too far with the design for it to photograph well, but for me it has a nostalgic appeal and what more do I need? My kids played in the barn too; one of them will inherit this egg.

Happy Etching,


View Larry's first attempt at etching, a unicorn.

Larry Hagedon designs and manufactures tools for the egg arts. These tools include Electric Kistky in both the traditional Horizontal Pysanky design and his own exclusive Vertical Kistky. Larry also makes heavy duty Stainless Steel Lathes in four egg sizes; Pigeon to Ostrich and custom egg stands in all sizes.   All of of Larry's Kistky have easily interchangeable tips, changeable while working by using his tip tool.  These tips come in 6 sizes.  Kistky prices start at $32.00 plus shipping.

Larry Hagedon
14090 Appleton Ave. NW
Monticello, MN 55362

Ph. 612-859-8060, Fax 763-878-1376, E-mail and PayPal,

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