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Massage News from Hawthorn Tree Ranch

The Importance of Stretching

by Fritz Gottfried

It was a big disappointment that the AEA convention had to be cancelled Was feeling bad that I wasn’t going to make the convention this year. It’s always a great time getting together with everyone and I also enjoy giving a few chair massages to add some $ to the oil research fund.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the advanced course in Muscle Release Technique(cm) in Golden, Colorado which was taught by Michael Young, a world renown therapist and highly respected in this field. The class was great and I learned much and gained confidence in treating people for many and varied conditions. Outstanding therapists from all over the United States attended this course and the best thing was that everyone heard about Emu oil and several took some home with them.

By the way, I certainly hope that the folks that are processing our wonderful Emu oil meet the standards that AEA has set and don’t put out inferior products. We are all in this business together and we need cooperation, mutual respect and a common goal to get Emu oil to be a household word and used by all.

Several of my last clients have been working out to get in shape and tone their muscles, which are good things to do; however, all of their workouts have been strengthening the muscles. Trying to strengthen a short tight muscle is difficult and causes the muscles to be shorter and tighter. Short and tight muscles pull on the tendons that attach to the bones and causes swelling, pain and possible fraying of the tendons. This in turn leads to problems such as tendonitis, shin splints, plantar faciitis, patella tracking problems to name a few. Before going into a strengthening program the muscles should be stretched and normal muscles memory restored. There are a couple of great books on stretching: The Whartons’ Stretch Book (Active Isolated Stretching) by Jim & Phil Wharton and Active Isolated Stretching (The Mattes Method) by Aaron L. Mattes.

A situation that many people find themselves in is pain running from their back and down their leg. This condition is called Sciatica and it is usually caused by the Sciatic nerve being pinched by the Piriformis muscle. The Sciatic nerve is quite large and it runs under the Piriformis Muscle or directly through it and when this muscle gets short and tight it can pinch the nerve and cause severe pain. The pain can go into the low back, hip, groin, rectum and down the leg to the foot. When this condition is noted by the medical profession the normal course of action is muscle relaxers or an operation to increase the size of the openings in the vertebrae to allow for the swollen pinched nerve. Neither of these is very effective as the problem still exists even after the operation. The Piriformis muscle can be stretched and released which will in turn allow the Sciatic nerve room and it will return to normal and the pain will subside.
If you find yourself or someone you know with this situation go to the website that explains this technique and lists the practitioners that are trained.  Click on the referral block and the names will come up by state. If you have any condition that you haven’t been able to get help on you may want to check this website and see if there is a trained massage practitioner in your area. If you would like to contact me my Email address is doemus@aol.com and my phone number is: (425) 432-1303.

The very best and remember “Touch does your body good”

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August 30, 2005

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