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Massage News from Hawthorn Tree Ranch

Touch Does A Body Good

by Fritz Gottfried

After the first article appeared in Emuszine I received several inquiries from around the country about Emu oil and massage. It was very interesting what folks are doing with massage and the interest shown in how to incorporate Emu oil into their practices.  One couple in New York has a motor home equipped as a massage clinic and give massages wherever they go.

Massage and Emu oil are gaining ground quickly and in the Puget Sound area of Washington a new Cancer Treatment Center has opened up and it has 3 massage rooms equipped with the latest electric tables and equipment.   The Massage Therapist that is working the clinic is a believer in the benefits of Emu oil and is integrating Emu oil into her massages of the cancer patients.  The Benefits of massage and Emu oil to cancer patients are many and varied. The Massage is a healing experience for many people, it may not heal them of the disease that they carry but it can help them to let all the tension and pain they feel release so they feel stronger and more rejuvenated. Many cancer patients feel more tension than usual when they go into the clinic to receive chemo and radiation. Some people will feel nauseous at the door when they smell the hospital, massage helps alleviate the nauseous feeling and slows their breathing, so they can receive treatment and not feel as much tension.  The clients that receive radiation treatments have a special need for Emu oil to help heal the radiation burns and the dry and damaged skin from the treatments.  The Emu oil provides nutrients, keeps the skin moisturized and more elastic.  When someone is in pain they forget how to breath and when cancer patients are hooked up to chemo for 6 hours they are the ones who need massage the most. It is about focusing on breathing and healing and making all those good cells fight back and get rid of the bad ones.

One area that I have had several successes with is treating folks with Plantar Fasciitis.   This is a very painful situation in the feet and it feels like you have heel spurs digging into you.  The first thing in the morning is usually the worst time.  The problem is the result of over used and tight muscles in the legs, which pull on the tendons in the feet causing the pain.  I have one client that is a supervisor of a water district and wasn’t able to check on her job sites or even worse couldn’t even go shopping because her feet hurt so badly.  She finally came in and after the first treatment the next morning she went shopping for 3 hours.  I have worked on her two times and she is doing well.  She told me that since I worked on her she is climbing ladders and has lost 13 pounds because she is mobile.  I have several other clients that have had this condition that are doing well now.  For some reason the medical profession doesn’t know how to treat this condition and the doctors usually put the patient in a boot at night, which really does little good.  The treatment is to break down the scar tissue in the foot and stretch the muscles in the lower leg.  While you are stretching the muscles you need to put pressure on the muscle to break down scar tissue and fascia build up.  When the muscles are back to normal length the pressure is off of the tendons and the pain goes away. One good treatment can greatly reduce the pain and get the client back to being able to walk normal again.  I always use Emu oil on my clients, which helps in reducing pain and increases mobility.

There are many conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Tennis or Golf Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Chronic Low Back Pain plus others that can be successfully treated by massage practitioners that have been trained in Muscle Release Technique.  A website that explains this technique and lists the practitioners that are trained is:  www.mrtherapy.com.  Click on the referral block and the names will come up by state.  If you have any condition that you haven’t been able to get help on you may want to check this website and see if there is a trained massage practitioner in your area. If you would like to contact me my Email address is doemus@aol.com  and my phone number is: (425) 432-1303.

The very best and remember,  “Touch does your body good”

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