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Pustular Psoriasis, Breaking the Cycle

"The doctor called it a localized form of pustular psoriasis.  All I know is, I've had it (off and on)  for years." Robert went on to tell us that as a teen, his mother would try to drain the larger pustules, thinking they were some sort of pimple.  When he hit his 20's he saw a dermatologist and got a diagnosis.  "My skin has always been dry and I have recurrent plaque psoriasis as well."  Robert is in his 50's now.  Robert was kind enough to share the following photos with us, and discuss a new treatment he discovered, Psori-Care II.  

In the photo marked 'Day 1, Psori-Care II', we see the beginnings of the outbreak which started the evening before.  The skin is itchy.  The dark red spots are areas where the skin was broken by scratching during the night.  The white pustules are visible.  The pus inside these pustules consist of white blood cells.  It is not contagious, just unsightly.  For Robert, it is potentially dangerous.  "Once before I had this major pop up.  Spread over most of my leg.  Had fever, chills.  Wound up on antibiotics.  (The doctor said) caught it in time, could have been life threatening."  Shortly after the above photo was taken, the Psori-Care II was applied.

In generalized pustular psoriasis, areas of reddened skin (erythema) with pustules (blisters of non-infectious pus) develop.  When pustular psoriasis spreads over large areas of the body, it is also called von Zumbusch pustular psoriasis.  In this rare form of psoriasis, the skin is painful.  The pustules appear, dry out and reappear in 24 to 48 hour cycles that last sometimes for weeks.  Because the skin barrier is weakened, von Zumbusch pustular psoriasis can cause any of the following:  chills, severe itching, a rapid pulse rate, exhaustion, anemia, dehydration, weight loss and muscle weakness.  It is especially dangerous for the elderly or persons weakened by other diseases.  

PEL Leg Day 3.jpg (17966 bytes)Robert tells us that he had been using the Psori-Care II for his plaque psoriasis when the outbreak of pustular psoriasis on his leg occurred.  "I figured I'd try to save a doctor bill." said Robert "and it worked."

According to Robert, the Psori-Care II  relieved the itching and halted the spread of the psoriasis.  The picture to the left shows that after three days use of Psori-Care II, the leg shows signs of clearing. The Psori-Care II was applied three times a day.  There are still some pustules showing on the leg, but the number is vastly reduced as is the erythema.  

PEL Leg Day 5.jpg (30390 bytes)Healing seemed to speed up after that.  By day 5, the itching was completely arrested and only a slight dryness and discoloration marks the area hit by the pustular psoriasis.  Robert tells us that he has tried other over the counter creams and ointments for psoriasis before, but says "It cleared up quicker (with the Psori-Care II) than any other stuff I've used."  He went on to say that he also liked that the product was fragrance free.  "Some of those products can be pretty rank."

By day 8 the leg was completely clear, with no signs of discoloration or scarring.  "Last time it lasted over two  months.  Covered most of the leg.  Just could not shake it."  It took a doctor's care to alleviate the previous outbreak, but with prompt use of the Psoria-Care II, it took only 8 days to clear.  Robert tells us that after 3 months, the Pustular psoriasis has not returned, evidence indeed that the Psori-Care II broke the cycle of recurring pustules. 

Psori-Care II is produced by Purple Emu, Ltd.,  a manufacturer of health and beauty care products.  For more information on this and other products, visit their website. 

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