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Pustular Psoriasis - Kathy's Story

Stay at home mom Kathy thought at first that the break outs on her hands were the result of excessive detergent use.  With three children, one still in diapers, to take care of and a house to keep clean, it was an easy enough mistake to make.   When the condition worsened and she was unable to find relief from home remedies or over the counter creams, she made an appointment with a dermatologist.  The diagnosis was Pustular psoriasis.   

Kathy tells us that the cycle of blistering, drying out, peeling, cracking and bleeding sometimes occurred twice a week.  “It's very painful the palms itch and burn and they are raw and tender.”  Kathy reports “Pustular psoriasis runs through a cycle and you think you’re getting better but it starts all over again.”  She went on to say that the simplest tasks became a burden.  Rubber gloves became a necessity.  Giving herself a shampoo, bathing her toddler or doing general housework became literally a pain to accomplish.

”I had tried various home remedies and ultimately was prescribed Cortisone cream with white cotton gloves from a Dermatologist.  The gloves were constantly stained with dabs of blood from the dryer areas.”  Unfortunately, the condition just seemed to worsen - at one point Kathy’s children asked her not to touch or rub their skin because...."your hands hurt me Mommy".  “It was just awful,” Kathy said.  “One night after being very disgusted with my Dermatologist I decided to surf the Web for any information regarding Psoriasis and what I found by chance was an article on  Emu’s Zine.  I was able to contact Nettie Bunton of Purple Emu.  When Nettie sent me her samples and I started to use them......well that first night I felt like a gift had arrived from heaven.”

Day 1

EMU OIL - W/OUT THE PSORI CREAM (cream had not arrived yet)

After 1st application the itchiness was instantly relieved.  The dry flakes disappeared they were "soaked up" by the oil.  After a hot shower I oiled up and put on cotton gloves - the itchiness stopped but the skin is still raw and very tender.  First night in months that I didn't awaken to clawing at the palms of my hands.

Day 2
Applying four times a day. Will sleep with gloves again.  The itchiness has subsided drastically and the tenderness has eased up somewhat.  Still red and inflamed.  Not as raw. My kids, husband, Parents and in-laws all say my hands look much better.  They can’t believe the difference.  The peeling and flaking are much better.  I'm very excited.

Day 3 -
Applying about  3 - 4 times a day.   Less cracking, seems to be peeling a bit more.

Day 4

Applied 3 -4 times.   Still dry, not as itchy, The "Palm reading Lines' are very cracked looking (Deep)  I see fewer blisters forming.  Not as tender.  I hope that this is not part of the pattern (psoriasis has a cycle - that it repeats constantly)

Day 5


Still 4 times a day.  Feeling better.  Less itching Still flaking and cracking,  Not as tender.

Day 6


The cream is very soothing,  I don't know if it's in my head but my hands feel smoother.  Not as cracked as they've been


Using the combo of the oil and cream I feel that I am definitely seeing and feeling results.  One comment I must make is that the Psori Cream although wonderful, when there is an open crack or blister, the cream burns very much and causes discomfort, unlike the oil. 


This was a bad week there were a lot of blisters and peeling and cracking but it seems somewhat more tolerable using the products.


I suppose that the cycle had to work it's way through my system one more time.  After last week, they are very raw again, but not any where near as raw as before using the products.  I also developed a small patch on my knee.  Which seems to be clearing up rapidly from the products.


Using the products pretty faithfully, cracking not as deep, peeling is slowly subsiding and I'm really just suffering from tenderness and redness.  I do forget to apply four times a day sometimes and do see that the dryness becomes worsened.  I'm definitely seeing results and am very satisfied.

I can now touch my children without complaints.  My two year old doesn't try to kiss the boo boo's on my hands any more and I can even (not to get to personal) touch my husband lovingly again without the use of white cotton gloves !! 

Emu oil has truly made a difference in my life.  It also helped me with terrible calluses on my feet.  I think I'm hooked for good.  I've had to replenish with Nettie once so far and I'm sure I'll be doing that again.  My hands now just look a little dry and rough but that is a far cry from November, December January and Feb. and March. 

Note from Nettie Bunton of Purple Emu:  “There is no known cure for any type of psoriasis to date.  All we can hope to do is treat the symptoms and make life easier for those suffering from psoriasis or eczema.  Whenever you have an outbreak, it is best to treat it immediately and steadily until it is cleared up.”

Psori-Care II is produced by Purple Emu, Ltd.,  a manufacturer of health and beauty care products.  For more information on this and other products, visit their website. 

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