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 Burn Victim Hot About Medical Treatment
By Myra Charleston

Looking back on the last few months, Merv Randle expresses some outrage over the medical community’s lack of expertise in treating burn victims in general and himself in particular. Merv is Chairman of the Nelson Giant’s Basketball Team and host of “Merv & the Mad Chef”, a popular two hour television talk show in New Zealand.   Callers ring in live on the air to discuss or argue about any topic. 

Home from a trip with wife Heather, Merv was unpacking their RV in the garage the evening of January 4, 1999.  Heather had already gone in the house when Merv grabbed the carryall bag that had ridden most of the way home on top of some chilly-bins (coolers in the USA).  The bag had dropped behind the chilly-bins and the strap had fallen over the lever of a LPG cylinder. 

According to Merv, when he pulled on the bag it opened the lever, turned the bottle on it’s side and the liquid gas escaped.  Fighting the inevitable, Merv tried to turn off the cylinder.  The explosion threw him out of the garage onto the driveway. 

Mr. Randle’s first thoughts were that he was a dead man, then that he had to rescue his wife.   Access through the garage was impossible due to the fire so he ran to the locked front door and kicked out the glass to try and alert her.   Heather had already spotted the fire and was calling emergency services.   Knowing she was safe, Merv went to a neighbor’s house and spent an hour in the shower until an ambulance came to take him to the hospital. 

The freak accident left Merv with 2nd degree burns over 40% of his body.  Affected areas included his face, arms, neck and legs.  Please take a look at picture number one, taken on January 8, 1999(or 8 January 1999 if you are in New Zealand), after 4 days in the hospital.

May not be suitable for younger viewers
Burn Victim
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While in the hospital Merv was told by his surgeon that they might have to wait five weeks to see whether or not he would have to have skin grafts.  “On the second day they lanced all the blisters and cut off the skin where they had been.”  Merv stated “They covered the burns with dry dressings and removed them three times a day, skin pulled off, and I thought f- this for a game of soldiers, I’m out of here.”  Merv checked himself out of the hospital January 8, 1999.   He and his wife stayed at a motel until the house was rebuilt six months later.

Mike Foster, of EMEA, caught Merv at his air-conditioned 
office on January 11, 1999 where he was seeking refuge from New Zealand’s summer heat and offered him a free bottle of Emu Oil.  Merv was skeptical but after seeing some burn pictures depicting the results of using emu oil, and listening to Mike, he agreed to try the oil.  Within two days the burnt skin on his face had all but disappeared leaving only a few small scars.  Please see photo 2, which was taken on January 15.

Amazing Results
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Merv tells us that the emu oil softened the burnt skin, allowing movement without it cracking.  He was so impressed with the oil that he cut off the plastic skin that had been applied to his leg to prevent infection (and wasn’t working).“ After five days use I had a warm shower and most of the blackened skin fell off leaving soft pink new skin.” Says this 17 stone (238 pound) giant “It was very delicate, but at least it was skin.”  He went on to tell us that some areas like the lips, nose and ear lobes took a bit longer to heal and that aside from some small scars on his neck, you could not tell he had been burned.  Merv says that the pain was extreme but that within twelve hours the skin had softened and he was much more comfortable.

When he went back to see his surgeon six weeks after the accident, the man was astounded at the improvement and remarked that he hadn’t done much for Merv.  Merv replied “You’re bloody right about that!”  In the course of their 
conversation the surgeon remarked that any oil would have assisted in healing.  That the surgeon had such knowledge but did not utilize it angers Merv, who wants to know “Well, why don’t they use it instead of ripping the skin off with dry 

One good thing that came from this experience was that the District Nurse who was daily visiting Merv noticed the speed and improvement to his condition.  She explained to Merv that she was nursing a little girl with burnt hands and asked to borrow some oil.  “She’s now sold on the oil, and carries a jar in her medical bag.” says Merv. 

Merv tells us that "Merv and the Mad Chef" is being replaced for 13 weeks with a new talkback show he will be hosting called “I’ve been doing it”. He will be interviewing local candidates in the up coming elections and encouraging people to phone in with their own questions. He can be reached via email at Merv@Randle.co.nz

We would like to thank Mike Foster, of EMEA, for putting us in contact with Merv Randle so we could share this amazing story with you.  Mike can be contacted by email at mfosters@xtra.co.nz or through his site at:  http://www.homepage.co.nz/nelson/emea-emu-oil/

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