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A Walk in the Park
Six Steps to Healthier Feet

 by Peggy Gardiner, 
CEO - Fortunate Feathers

Springtime, sandals and bare feet! Sounds great doesn’t it? But before you shed your shoes and take that walk in the park, take a good look at your feet. Chances are you’ve had them hidden away in boots and shoes all winter and haven’t given them a second thought. The winter months can be tough on feet making them dry, itchy and possibly some foot and nail fungus has reared its ugly head. But help is on the way with simple routine care and a regular schedule.

1.     A relaxing foot soak

A relaxing foot soak is the first step to healthier feet. Using a small foot bath or tub, fill with a gallon of warm water (not hot), add one tablespoon Maxim Care Foot Therapy and soak your feet for 10 or 15 minutes. Add more warm water to keep the temperature comfortable. Maxin Care Foot Therapy contains emu oil to soften skin and rehydrate dry skin while tea tree oil will help treat and prevent fungus growth.

 2.     A gentle scrubbing

Now that the skin is softened, gently scrub the bottoms with a pumice stone, giving special attention to the heels. Not too much scrubbing though. This thick layer acts as protection for your feet. A callus razor is not recommended.

3.     Drying, an important step

Although this sounds easy, drying your feet is important especially between the toes. This area if left moist can become a breeding area for bacteria growth. Gently push back the cuticles and use an orange stick to clean under the nails.

4.     Moisturizing

Massage a small amount of Maxim Care Foot & Nail therapy into your feet and ankles. This non-greasy, penetrating lotion stops itching on contact and starts healing immediately. Maxim Care Foot & Nail Therapy with emu oil also contains Tolnaftate for the prevention and treatment of nail fungus and athlete’s foot. A superb moisturizer, this lotion can be used as a daily routine to soften and heal your feet; leaving the soft healthy rejuvenated skin you’ve always wanted. 

5.     Proper trimming

It is much easier to cut thick toenails after soaking and using a moisturizer. Cut them with a straightedge toenail clipper. If cut too short, they may grow into the skin causing painful ingrown toenails so keep the length close to the tips of your toes. File and shape your nails, filing in one direction only. Sawing back and forth will cause them to split and break. 

6.     The final touch

For the ultimate in foot therapy, follow up with Maxim Care Cooling Gel. This is an excellent treatment for hot and burning feet. Originally designed to relieve burns, this gel aids the elasticity of the skin and helps prevent or reduce blistering and scarring. Combined with the analgesic tea tree oil, aloe vera, and the mysteries of emu oil, this product forms a combination proven effective on a variety of conditions including burns, insect bites, and sunburn.

Walking is the best exercise for your feet, contributing to your general health by improving circulation and controlling weight. So kick off your shoes and enjoy that walk in the park!


Visit our website for all your foot and skin care needs.

        Emu's Zine does not diagnose, prescribe or dispense medical advice.  We report and attempt to educate the public about the possible health benefits derived through the use of emu oil based products and consumption of low cholesterol, low fat emu meat.   This site contains personal testimonies and professional observations.   We encourage people to contact their family physicians regarding any health problems they may have for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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