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September/October 2000 issue

Floridian & Sunburned!

by Mary Davis

 A native to sunny south Florida, born in Miami, I now live in Pembroke Pines, a suburb of Hollywood.  I have been outdoors worshiping our glorious weather for 52 years.  I started fishing with my Dad when I was six and to this day I am an avid fisherwoman.  My husband, who was born in Ohio and moved here 20 years ago, loves the sun and fishing as much as I do.  We have a boat and go out on it as much as possible.   Nothing makes us happier than healthy, glowing, beautiful dark tan skin.  We don’t wear sunscreen though.  Instead we gob on the Coppertone and wait to turn golden.   We seldom burn because our skin always has a nice dark base.   But I have to tell you, this past weekend we decided to go away on a little weekend getaway to Singer Island, off the coast of West Palm Beach and sun bathe and relax.  It had been two month since we were in the sun and it was time for some R&R!  My husband sells and installs hurricane shutters for a living and he has been working his fanny off, since, as you may know, it’s hurricane season down here in Florida, and like everything else in life, everyone has waited til the last minute to buy and install them!  They are panic stricken now and my husband is the man they call to ease their minds! 

Anyway, we went up on Friday Evening and walked on the beach, had a nice meal, watched T. V. and went to sleep anticipating the next day’s sun and the beautiful tan we were going to acquire.  Saturday morning came and we had breakfast, changed into our bathing suits and hit the beach.  Ah, it was a sight to behold!  Beautiful crystal clear water, waves lapping the shoreline, seagulls flying overhead, beach chairs and umbrellas spread along the shoreline.  Yes……we were here,  now gob on that sun tan lotion!  Sun hat, sun glasses, towel, yes……Come On Mr. Sun, Make Me Brown!  That was at 9:30 AM……We stayed out there with Mr. Sun until 3 PM, swimming and worshiping him.   We double checked with each other numerous times over the hours we were out there, both of us asking the same question….”Do I have any color yet?”  Well, let me tell you the answer….”Oh My God, Did we ever!”   When we got back up to our room and looked in the mirror, we were “El Scorcho”!   I wondered, mmmm, is there a name for this color?   Not dark brown, not dark red, maybe more like the color of a Boston Baked Bean, that sienna kind of color!   But wait….the pain was nowhere to be found……yet.

 We showered, (A slight sting, nothing we hadn’t ever felt before), took a nap and then got dressed and went to dinner.   We returned, pooped from the sun and our belly’s full of seafood (yummy) and decided to call it a day and just watch some T. V.   Enter the dragon!!!  

Holy Moly…..all of a sudden we were on fire.   Our skin was screaming and steaming.   Well, we’ll just ignore it and when we wake up in the morning it will be all better.   Ha!  Think again Missy!   We both spent the night tossing and turning and tormenting.

The next morning, after groaning and moaning about our beautiful, burned skin, we left for home.  It was raining out and I told my husband that when we got home I would find us a remedy for our sunburn.  I thought, well, let’s see, they say vinegar takes the sting out and it does to some degree.  Then there is pure aloe, we could try that too.  What else could we use????  I kept pondering, with only one product completely slipping my mind.

We arrived home, unpacked the explorer, got into some un-binding, soft clothes and I got out the vinegar.  I poured it on myself and then my hubby.   Waited……not much relief.  Hmmmm……now for the aloe…..cold on the skin, some relief.   Let’s just wait and see.   We watched TV.   It was raining out and we fell asleep.  I woke an hour and a half later, my stomach and legs burning up.  I raced into the tub, put the water on real warm and told myself, I will just sting it out!   I think not!  Then it dawned on me……my pure emu oil that I had ordered on-line from LB Processors.   The label said it was good for burns as well as many other things.  Yes…..now where did I put that little bottle???   Oh yeah, I remember and retrieved it.  I rubbed my tummy and thighs and waited.

Lo and Behold!  The stinging went away.   I proceeded to do my hubby up.   He too felt the relief.   Not only was the stinging gone, but my skin felt so smooth and it glowed.   This stuff really works.  So all you folks out there that get a sunburn and can’t find any relief, take my advice and get yourself some pure emu oil.   It is the greatest!

Mary Davis lives in Pembroke Pines, Florida with her husband, Bob.  She can be emailed at thingamajig7@aol.com


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