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Your Eyes May/June 2005

Swimming Goggles Help Protect Eyes

Vision-care professionals suggest that swimmers with contacts use protective goggles.  Because the lenses are permeable, they may absorb chemicals, dirt or other contamination in the water that could harm or irritate your eyes.  The impurities could perhaps cause an infection, scarring or loss of sight.  It is also possible that a contact can easily float out of the eye and become lost under water.

Eye-care specialists recommend that you remove your lenses after leaving the water, even when wearing goggles.  You should thoroughly clean and disinfect the contacts before wearing them again.  in addition, do not put the lenses on if your eyes become red or sore.  Call your practitioner when the irritation does not go away. 

Acanthamoeba keratitis, an organism that causes eye infections, is found in chlorinated pools and hot tubs.  Symptoms of contamination include a sensation of having something in the eye, watery eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity and swelling of the eyelids.  If the disease is recognized early when only the surface layer of the cornea is infected, a brief treatment normally works.  However, if the condition is in its later stages, intensive care may be needed for up to a year.

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