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Your Eyes

Practice Good Vision Care Habits
by Dr. Tom Smith

Just as with any other part of your body, you can strengthen and/or keep your eyes healthy by following good vision care habits.  Everyone is tempted to read or use a laptop computer while in bed or on the sofa.  It is much better for your eyes to sit at a desk or table.  When you are reading, playing video games or working at the computer, look up frequently from the page or screen at something across the room.  Focusing at a distance takes less strain and will relax your eyes. 

Tilt your book so that it is raised about 20 degrees from the desk and view your computer away from the reflecting light or put on an antiglare screen cover.  Watch television at eye level six to eight feet away from the screen and not in a dark room or while lying on the floor.  Pay attention tot he signals sent to you by your eyes.  If they are sore, tearing, itchy or tired, you have been working at the computer or watching TV for too long.  Stop and take a break.  Exercises such as palming can ease eyestrain.  Close your eyes and carefully cover them with the palms of your hands.  Your palm should fit snugly over the cheekbones, sockets and bridge of the nose with no light coming through.  Keep your hands relaxed and mold your fingers to the curves of your forehead.  Stay this way for a few minutes then gradually lower your hands so that outside light does not blind you.

Frequent examinations by your eyecare specialist will also help keep your eyes healthy.  Wearing glasses for a period of time often can strengthen your eyes back to the point where you no longer need them.  If you continue to let your eyes deteriorate without getting care, the damage may be too great to reverse. 

Dr. Thomas K. Smith
Smith & Smith
592 N. Main St.
McKenzie, TN 38201

or toll free 1-877-710-2020

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