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Your Eyes - Jan/Feb 2006

Disease Cuts One-Half of Visual Field

by Dr. Tom Smith

Hemianopia is a blindness or reduction in eyesight in one half of the visual field due to injury of the brain's optic pathways. The most common defect occurs in corresponding halves of the right field of vision.  The condition can result from diseases such as strokes and tumors or trauma to the brain.

Symptoms of hemianopia include loss of half of the field of vision, decreased night vision and a significant need for more light.  Individuals who are at high risk for strokes are also highly susceptible to this condition.  This includes people with high blood pressure or those with an abnormal heart rhythm.

Although there is no specific medical or surgical treatment for hemianopia, it is important to follow the same preventive methods as for stroke; a healthy diet, exercise maintaining the proper weight, no smoking or heavy drinking, and stress reduction.  In some cases, the side effects of the disease may improve over time.  In addition, there are optical devices such as field-expanding prism lenses and magnifiers that can increase the field of vision.  Vision rehabilitation specialists can help people with hemianopia enhance their sight with the use of adaptive devices.

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