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Focus on Eye Spasms

by Dr. Thomas Smith

Your eyes automatically focus at a variety of distances.  They shift from near to far to make things look clear.  In this process called accommodation, tiny muscles surrounding the eye alter the curve of your lens so that it will focus both on faraway and close objects. 

An accommodative spasm occurs when your vision system stops working smoothly and comfortably, especially when you become tired or stressed.  This spasm can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, blurriness and double vision.  You may also not be able to clearly understand what you are reading.

Vision-care specialists treat accommodative spasms with glasses, contact lenses, eye exercises or a combination of approaches.  Sometimes they prescribe a bifocal-type lens to help a patient focus with less strain.  The goal is to reduce symptoms and improve overall eyesight.

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