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Your Eyes May/June 2003

Contacts Also Offer Sun Protection

by Dr. Tom Smith

Although they know that dark tinted glasses block out dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, most people may not realize that specialized contacts can provide added protection.   These lenses cannot be used alone, since they only shield part of the eye.  However, they can significantly enhance the effectiveness of sunglasses.

Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays can burn the cornea or cause cataracts, (clouding of the lens).  Some studies also suggest that prolonged or frequent exposure to UV rays may damage the macula, a sensitive area in the retina responsible for detail and central vision.  Thousands of people go blind from macular degeneration.

Information on the contact lens package will let you know if the product screens out UV.  You may also ask your vision specialist which brands are available with ultraviolet protection.

Dr. Thomas K. Smith
Smith & Smith
592 N. Main St.
McKenzie, TN 38201

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