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Your Eyes     January/February 2007

Astigmatism Can Cause Blurriness and Headaches

Many people have a treatable and non-critical eye condition called astigmatism.  As with far and near-sightedness, astigmatism impacts the way you see.  However, this ailment effects vision at all distances rather than just close up or far away.

The normal shape of the cornea, or surface of the eye, is spherical like a ball, so light rays can enter and focus on the retina.  The object viewed is clear and sharp.  With astigmatism, the cornea is misshaped like a football.  Light rays focus on two points instead of one.  This blurs and distorts your vision.

Most people have some degree of astigmatism.  It is usually mild enough that special eye care is not required.  More extensive problems can cause blurring as well as eyestrain and headaches.  Astigmatism accompanied by near- or far-sightedness is a more serious problem.  Regardless of the extent of the condition, it can be corrected with the necessary eyeglasses, contacts or vision correction surgery.

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