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Your Eyes Nov/Dec 2002

A Wide Choice of Contact Lenses
by Dr. Tom Smith 

Contacts are divided into two main groups, soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP).  Soft contacts are easier to put in and quite comfortable to wear.  It takes longer to adjust to rigid gas permeable lenses, but there are more durable and resistant to deposit buildup and offer some people sharper vision.  Soft lenses normally cost less to purchase, but RGP contacts tend to be less expensive over time because of their durability. 

The replacement schedule of contact lenses refers to the length of time you use them before throwing them away.  You usually replace RGPs every several years because they are so durable.  The conventional soft lenses last a year.   The new soft contacts come in a variety of replacement schedules from every day to each month or two. 

Contacts are available for two different wear schedules:  daily wear that you remove and disinfect every night, and extended wear that you keep in for a limited amount of time.   The Food and Drug Administration recently approved extended day lenses that can be worn for a bout a month without being changed.  Individuals who use these lenses should remove their contacts with any tearing, redness, itching or pain.  If their eyes do not improve, they should make an appointment with their eye care specialist.

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