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New Study Touts Sauerkraut's Cancer Fighting Strength

Eating Four or More Servings of Sauerkraut Per Week During Adolescence Lessens Breast Cancer Risk by 74 Percent

BEAR CREEK, Wis., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- A traditional dish and now a favorite of health-conscious individuals across the U.S., sauerkraut is again taking the limelight for its extraordinary health benefits as a recent study indicates that sauerkraut may reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 74 percent.

The study, led by Dorothy R. Pathak, Ph.D., of the University of New Mexico, set out to determine why the risk of breast cancer nearly triples in Polish women who immigrate to the United States. After comparing hundreds of Polish women to Polish-born U.S. immigrants, the researchers concluded "increased consumption of cabbage/sauerkraut foods in adolescence and adulthood may be an important primary prevention for breast cancer." More information about the cancer fighting properties of sauerkraut is available at http://www.krrrrispkraut.com/ .

Of the women observed in the study, those who ate four or more servings of sauerkraut and cabbage per week during adolescence, both favorites in Polish cuisine, were 74 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than those women who ate 1.5 or less servings of sauerkraut per week. The study also found that older women could still gain a level of protection from cancer by increasing their sauerkraut consumption in adulthood.

"This is just one of many recent studies showing that sauerkraut is truly a healthful food," says Ryan Downs, co-owner of the Great Lakes Kraut Company, the largest producer of traditionally fermented sauerkraut in the world. "Other studies have shown that sauerkraut fights all forms of massy tumor cancer, including cancer of the lung, colon, prostate, breast, and liver. It's also been shown to manage digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, and may work to prevent heart disease."

According to Downs, the recent studies about the healthy attributes of sauerkraut are causing sauerkraut to become a popular and contemporary ingredient in today's cuisine. "People are now trying sauerkraut in a lot of different ways -- they no longer see it simply as a hot dog topping," says Downs. "People have sent us sauerkraut recipes for everything from sushi to salads. Check out the recipes at our web site, www.krrrrispkraut.com."

Great Lakes Kraut is the largest sauerkraut producer in the entire world. With manufacturing facilities in Bear Creek and Shiocton, Wis., and Shortsville, N.Y., Great Lakes Kraut manufactures America's leading brands of sauerkraut, Silver Floss and Krrrrisp Kraut -- the official sauerkraut of Lambeau Field. For more sauerkraut information and recipes, log on to http://www.krrrrispkraut.com/ .

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