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The New Red Meat Takes First in Overall Ratings

Huntsville, Alabama- Health-conscious Americans today are finding a deliciously lean alternative to the red meat of the past. Since the American Heart Association dubbed emu meat the "new red meat", consumers have been discovering itís many nutritional advantages. It seems the emu, Australian cousin of the ostrich, has beat beef in almost every category when it comes to healthy eating.

The American Heart Association has now added lean emu cuts in their Diet & Nutrition listings of healthy foods for the heart. Why? Emu meat contains more protein and about 1/3 the fat of beef. Itís also lower in saturated fat. And if youíre thinking, Ďno fat, no tasteí, take heart! Emu meat won the "Tasterís Choice Award" from Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and a strong thumbs-up from Planet Muscle Magazine.

Feeling fatigued and lacking energy to get things done? You may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency. The findings of the June 2000 Alternate Meat Study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison secured the gold medal for emu meat concerning nutrition. Comparing this study to the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, it was found that emu meat contains more than twice the iron, four times the vitamin B12 and three times the vitamin B6 of beef. The meat of this awesome bird also scores higher in Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Selenium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper and Manganese than beef. All this while containing less sodium and calories. In the rankings of all red meats today, emu meat is not just another savory cut. Itís the healthiest choice around.

 You say you donít eat beef anyway? The June 2000 Alternate Meat Study confirmed that emu meat is lower in fat than the meat of chicken, turkey or pork. The project also confirmed that emu meat is lower in fat and higher in protein and nutrients than non-traditional meats such as venison, buffalo, ostrich and elk.

In most cases, emus are raised without chemical additives. Confined and stressed livestock are predisposed and susceptible to diseases, needing antibiotics for prevention or cure. But because most emus are free-fed, having ample room to roam, they arenít stressed by cramped and unclean living quarters. That's why emu ranchers can keep their birds drug-free.

Although the emu is classified as poultry, itís meat has a PH similar to beef, qualifying it as "red meat". Emu retail cuts include fillet, steak, medallion, (small coin shaped cuts of meat), roast, ground and more. The texture and tenderness of the meat lends itself to light grilling, pan-frying, or roasting.

With all the healthy and delicious advantages to eating emu meat, itís no surprise some call it a nutritional goldmine, the superfood of the New Millennium. Emu meat. Itís a winner!

For additional information about emu meat, its overall health benefits, or location of retail emu meat outlets, visit the industry website at www.aea-emu.org

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