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Winner of the 1999 Extravagant Egg Contest
Carved  Category
1st place

Endangered Species 
Harp Seal Cubs

DeShea Villoch 

Her first year in egging, D’Shea Villoch was commissioned by Valero Oil Refining Company to create eight eggs for their United Way fund raiser, completed over 50 commissioned works, displayed her art in several art galleries, spoke at public 
engagements, attended arts & crafts shows, was written up in several local newspapers and appeared on two television specials. She has yet to slow down.

D’Shea first became interested in egg carving not as an 
enterprise for herself, but for her 37-year-old handicapped son, 
Keith. Keith had been depressed since the local MH/MR agency 
closed their sheltered wood working shop and D’Shea tells us 
that her first thought when she saw the eggs was whether or not 
Keith could do it. She investigated, got tools and began to learn 
to carve eggs so she could teach Keith. As she and Keith bonded 
while working on eggs together, she learned that the different 
layers of color lent itself to so much more than the silhouette 
carving they had been doing. 

"I call it "scratch art" because this definition seems to best fit my technique. In scratch art, the artist paints several layers on a surface or works from what they call a "scratch board". Then they draw the outline of their picture and scratch through the different layers of paint or board to create their art. With the emu egg, Mother Nature has eliminated the need to paint. She already provided us with several layers to scratch through."

"Pugsy" "My Priscilla"

The majority of D’Shea’s work has been commissioned works 
of people’s pets and runs between $100 to $150, occasionally 
as little as $85 depending on complexity. Her other art works 
run between $45 to $200 depending on intricacy. She gives 
private instruction in her home and books 3 and 5 day workshops 
limited to five students. She will occasionally agree to do one-day 

Her winning entry in the Extravagant Emu Egg Contest, Harp Seals,
 took 12 hours of carving time to complete. 

Articles written by D’Shea can be viewed at 

D’Shea’s work is sold at the following stores:

The Art Center of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX
Yesterday and Forever Yours Antiques & Gifts, Corpus Christi, TX
Beverly’s Craft & Gift Cottage, Corpus Christi, TX
Golden Triangle Art Center, Ingleside, TX
Barbara's Pandamania & Collectibles, Houston, TX 
Karl Klement Enterprises, Inc., Decatur, TX
Morgan Ashley & Co., Texarcana, TX.
La Petite Decor, San Diego, CA
Mexico Chico, Oklahoma City, OK 
Unique & Personal, Sewickley, PA. 


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