Third Place Winners 2001

These beautiful creations won third place in their respective categories.

Carved/Etched/Sculpted Emu Eggs

Dvshepa.jpg (44449 bytes)

"Trusty Companion"
   This happy German shepherd was carved on the emu egg using the scratch art method using a Dremel drill.
DeShea Villoch
 Rt. 1, Box 108, Odem, TX 78370

Painted Emu Eggs

Srkola.jpg (31132 bytes)

"Koala Bear"
This cutie sits on a carved log stand.  The design covers the entire egg 
and is signed by the artist.
Stephanie Ramey
H&R Farms

Diorama Emu Eggs

Gsice2.jpg (834319 bytes)

"The Ice Maiden"
This diorama captures the legend of the Ice Maiden turning Winter into Spring.  Winter is represented by snow and quartz ice crystals, as well as the snowflakes on the back of the egg.   Spring is shown as the first flowers and greenery peek out of the snow.  The egg is finished with flat back crystals and displayed on a snowflake stand.
Georgia Stewart
32290 Gaucho Dr.
Helmet, CA  92544


Decorated Emu Eggs

Lqlkalei.jpg (21033 bytes) Lqlkale2.jpg (32497 bytes)Lqlkale3.jpg (25592 bytes)

"Emu Egg Wand Kaleidoscope"
This painted and glittered emu egg is a beautiful kaleidoscope.  
The wand is filled with oil and little bits of different colored glass, 
as you turn the wand you see the kaleidoscope of colors.
LaQuinta Long
Route2, Box 127F
Sumner, TX 75486


Pysanky Emu Eggs

As there were only two entries in this division this year, 
we have no third place winner.



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