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Winner of the 2000 Extravagant Emu Egg Contest
Painted Category
Stephanie Ramey

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“Back in 1998, I saw something similar done on rocks, and thought, gee, if they can do it on rocks, I know I can do it on eggs,” recalls Stephanie.   She painted her first egg in February 1998 and made her first sale in May the same year. 
Although her formal art training is limited to a class in high school, Stephanie Ramey has been painting all her life.   Her late Grandmother and her uncle were painters also, and Stephanie has begun to make a name for herself as a Tennessee Folk Artist through her chosen medium – painting emu and rhea eggs.  Under the trade name “Egg Critters ™”, the entire egg is painted to resemble a woodland creature, farm animal or family pet.   Every Egg Critter ™ comes with a stand designed to complement the design of the individual Egg Critter™.   For example, the Honey Bee is nested in a flower garden, the penguin sits on an iceberg, and the squirrel is on a log.  Stephanie receives assistance from her husband, Charles, who helps to design and build many of the stands.  Because eggs vary so much in shape, size or texture, every Egg Critter ™ is slightly different.  


Stephanie also does Christmas ornaments.   “I leave most of the ornaments in their natural color and the prices range from $10 to $20 each, but I do a few that are more elaborate and expensive.”   These may have snow, Austrian crystals or be personalized.

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  Srsnow.jpg (55827 bytes)

While most of the people who buy Egg Critters™ at the arts & crafts shows or one of the stores that carry them are either looking for an accent piece or adding to a collection of raccoons, owls or other animals, Stephanie does get a lot of custom work.  “Custom critters are done when someone sends me a picture of their pet and I turn them into a critter.   These are not portraits, but more of a folk art rendition of the animal.”  Stephanie says, “We have a couple of individuals who try to collect each kind of cat I paint.  We also have some customers who are making it a tradition to buy a personalized ornament from us each Christmas.” 


Stephanie Ramey’s Egg Critters ™  are carried in Green Frog Village, Bells Tennessee and Gunter's,
Fisher, AR.

If you are unable to visit these establishments, and are interested in adding one of her Critters ™ to your collection, you can contact her via cramey@iswt.com or visit her web site at


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