Second Place Winners - 2001

These beautiful creations won second place in the Extravagant Emu Egg Contest 2001 in their respective categories.

Carved/Etched/Sculpted Emu Eggs

Pvmaple1.jpg (21848 bytes)Pvmaple2.jpg (17112 bytes)Pvmaple3.jpg (17973 bytes)Pvmaple4.jpg (17348 bytes)

"Canadian Maple Leaf Shower"
A scanned maple leaf was carved in various positions 
and sizes on this emu egg.  The egg is mounted on a maple burl.
The maple leaf is a symbol of Canada and a small Canadian flag is shown on the front of the egg.
Peggy J Vincent - Peggasus
1-627 Marine Dr
Gibsons, BC
V0N 1V1
1 604 886-6611

Painted Emu Eggs

Mmcougar.jpg (35767 bytes)


This entry features a majestic cougar painted freehand on 
an emu eggshell.  Acrylics and Oils.
Marg McCarthy
The Eggcellent Collection
605 N. Taft Hill Road
Ft. Collins, CO  80521

Diorama Emu eggs

Jwtea1.jpg (20245 bytes)Jwtea2.jpg (55162 bytes)Jwtea3.jpg (20726 bytes)Jwtea4.jpg (22245 bytes)

"Tea Time"
The emu egg used in this creation is over 50 years old and was given 
to friend of the artist by an elderly aboriginal woman.  
The figure used in the diorama is a genuine Dezine figure and the the back of the egg contains a Perspex Porthole with gold filigree set in.
June Walker
9 Eurong Avenue
Hervey Bay
Australia  4655
Phone:  61 7 41 283969

Decorated Emu Eggs

Mjwcaro1.jpg (18689 bytes)Mjwcar2.jpg (29747 bytes)

"The Carousel"
Cut from one emu egg, this carousel moves around as well as the horses.   The egg is beaded in 2mm pearls, size 11 and 14 Japanese seed beads, and has gold findings.  It took the artist nearly a month to complete this egg.
Michael J. Walker
1616 Manor Drive
Vista, CA  92084
(760) 630-6337

Pysanky Emu Eggs

Pwdagod1.jpg (15478 bytes)Pwdagod2.jpg (13067 bytes)Pwdagod3.jpg (17099 bytes)Pwdagod4.jpg (12580 bytes)
"Hand of God"
Wax resist method in traditional Ukrainian design.   The hand on all four views appears to be coming out of an embroidered Ukrainian sleeve.

 Patty Wiszuk-De Angelo
126 Upper Saddle River Rd.
Montvale, NJ 07645


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