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Artist Patty Wiszuk De-Angelo

First Place in Best of Show
First Place in Pysanky Wax and Dye
Second Place in Pysanky Wax and Dye

Pwdabat1.jpg (16789 bytes)Pwdabat2.jpg (22674 bytes)Pwdabat3.jpg (14989 bytes)Pwdabat4.jpg (20361 bytes)

"After the Battle"
First Place Pysanky Wax and Dye
First Place Best of Show

Pwdagod1.jpg (15478 bytes)Pwdagod2.jpg (13067 bytes)Pwdagod3.jpg (17099 bytes)Pwdagod4.jpg (12580 bytes)

"Hand of God"
Second Place Pysanky Wax and Dye"

Our Best of Show artist is Patty Wiszuk De-Angelo, who presents an updated version of a 4000-year-old art. 

Pysanky has gone through many changes in its evolution.  In its earliest mystical origins pysanky was a women’s art, practiced after the children were tucked away for the night and the house was quiet.   A fresh, fertile egg was used because it was a symbol of life.  The design on the egg resonated with symbolism; the recipient would be wished a good harvest, Patty_Easter_Paska_Morning_1.jpg (14128 bytes)fortune, healthy children, love or any number of other things.  Over the years, trade routes enabled an exchange of ideas, which surely had some affect on the designs.  When the Ukraine embraced Christianity in 988 AD, the symbols took on Christian meanings.  The decorated eggs slowly became associated with Easter rather than spring rites.  A few hundred years later when Communists took over the area and forbade Christian worship, pysanky became a symbol of underground worship.   In more recent years pysanky artists have discovered new canvas in “exotic” eggshells such as rhea or ostrich and many have begun blowing out their eggs.

 Pattywd-easter1.jpg (12967 bytes) pattywd-easter2.jpg (11184 bytes)

Over the years Patty Wiszuk De-Angelo has experimented with various shells types and techniques.  Through this experimentation she has taken the evolution of this medium a step further by using what would seem to be an impossibly dark shell.  By substituting acid for the dye in her work with emu eggs and working backwards from the usual pysanky method of putting light colors on first, she does the dark areas first.  “My first wax lines will be the dark green of the shell, I do EVERYTHING that I want dark on the finished egg first (working backwards), I then put it into an acid bath solution, scrub away some shell, and then begin my next lighter lines, eventually doing this until I reach areas of white, trying the WHOLE time not to lose the shell in the acid, by collapsing it.”  As she works her way down to the white of the emu egg, each line is drawn with the point of the kistka and the melted beeswax, the shading achieved is nothing less than miraculous.  The Best of Show egg and first place in Pysanky Wax and Dye, “After the Battle", took approximately 45 hours to complete.  The “Hand of God” took about 30. 

Patty Wiszuk De-Angelo is the owner/operator of Pysanky Showcase and has been featured in Emu's Zine in two other articles:

A Ukrainian Easter by Karen Myers

Patty Wiszuk-de Angelo - Carved 2000

She has written a step by step article on etching in pysanky style for "The Pysanka" magazine. Has been featured in the March/April 2000 Eggshell Sculptor Artist's Gallery, and has had eggs displayed in the online magazine Sierra (http://www.sierra.com).

Visit Patty’s website, Pysanky Showcase for more information on this unusual and ancient art form.

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