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Midwest Emu Growers Alliance Teams up With Online Zine to Promote Egg Art

Vergas, MN, March 1, 2002/  -- For the fourth year in a row a health care company is teaming up with an online magazine to highlight the unique and delicate aspects of egg art.  Midwest Emu Growers Alliance announced today that it would again be co-sponsoring the annual “Emu’s Zine Extravagant Emu Egg Contest,” held online at http://www.emuszine.com.  The contest showcases emu egg art in five categories:  Painted, Diorama, Carved/Etched/Sculpted, Decorated and Pysanky Wax and Dye.  Egg artists from around the world participate in this “people’s choice” event each year.  Site visitors vote on their favorite egg art in each of the five categories during the month of May, with winners being announced in the July/August issue of Emu’s Zine. 

“Thousands of people visit the website each year to see the beautiful work these artists do on emu eggs,” said Myra Charleston, Editor, Emu’s Zine.  “We are delighted to have MEGA co-sponsor the event again this year.”  Each year MEGA provides emu oil products in a drawing among the contest voters while Emu’s Zine provides prizes and ribbons for the winning egg artists. 

While many people associate egg art with the Fabergé eggs of Czarist Russia, modern egg artists work with real eggs that have been blown out and cleaned.  “Emu eggs have three layers of color which range from the innermost white through as many as seven layers of teal to the dark green outer layer,” stated Marcia Huddleston, Executive Director of MEGA.  “Egg artists which specialize in carving are able to utilize these natural layers and shades as they sculpt the egg.  The resulting work is amazing.” 

When the contest first began in 1999, there were only four categories and the majority of the site voters came from within the United States.  In 2001, the categories had grown to include Pysanky Wax and Dye and had voters from thirteen different countries.

About MEGA

Midwest Emu Growers Alliance, also known as MEGA, is an agricultural co-operative with member ranches in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.  MEGA offers the consumer a complete line of high quality emu oil products that includes Analgesics, Bath and Beauty products and skin care products as well as pure emu oil.  MEGA stresses high quality products, budget-conscious prices and excellent service.  For more information visit their web page at  www.midwestemugrowers.com

Source:  Midwest Emu Growers Alliance

Contact:  Marcia Huddleston, General Manager of Midwest Emu Growers Alliance

34226 Sybil Lake Road

Vergas MN 56587-9550 USA

Or call 1-866-857-5147

Web site: http://www.midwestemugrowers.com


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