Artist:  Francine Clary

First Place – Diorama Category 2002
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Francine Clary Swan Dream-closed.jpg (30316 bytes)Francine Clary Swan Dream-open.jpg (35377 bytes)

"Swan Dream"
Francine Clary

This intricately engraved and sculpted Emu egg opens to reveal a surprise.  Inside is a swan made of Fimo modeling clay, pasted on a green duck egg. The water lilies are also made of Fimo.  The stand supporting the egg is in the shape of a swan, which continues the theme.

Art Nouveau Emu Egg by Francine Clary"I'm a French and English teacher in the suburb of Paris. My fondness for eggs began as a child upon the  discovery of a freshly laid egg in my grandmother's garden. A wondrous event for a little girl. The discovery of a miracle! A miracle that would inspire and mold my life. I treasure the tender memories of days spent and discoveries found in Grandmother's garden. My enchantment with egging began with a recipe for poached quail eggs. I saved the shells and later modeled and painted small animal subjects (bird in a nest, squirrel, mice,  swans, etc) which I glued inside the shells. This small beginning was further advanced by my introduction to Francoise Vignal-Caillet, Directress of the French Egg Museum. My dear uncle was very ill when he introduced us and died shortly thereafter, a sad event for me, but he left me with a dear and precious friend in Francoise. Through her encouragement and kindness I was able to venture into a more risky and serious egg art: transforming duck, hen, partridge and pheasant eggs into jewel boxes."

Dragonfly by Francine ClaryHummingbird by Francine Clary Cygne Noir by Francine ClaryDandelion by Francine Clary

Carved Emu Egg

The "Waterlilies Fantasy" Emu egg to the right is engraved using the three layers of the shell to give the effect of water flowing around the water lilies.  Look closely at the top to see the dragonfly!

Bunch of Flowers by Francine Clary"Today I am experiencing the exciting adventure of carving and sculpting on the rare and beautiful emu and rhea shells. I'm most grateful to the internet and meeting of Karen Myers and De Shae Villoch whose friendships is most precious to me. They have encouraged and helped me to further develop my artistic expressions. My attraction to egg crafting is the challenge of fragility: opening and creating even more delicate this fragile material, using the splits of the shell to make it blossom as the accidents in our lives can be transformed into blessings and harmony. This is my way of expressing my confidence in God who knows that behind our shieldings we are more fragile than egg shells.                 

As God has provided me with this talent, He has also placed a burden in my heart for children suffering with cancer. Joining hands with friends we created an association in the suburb of Paris for helping these children.  Proceeds from our egg art sales is dedicated to benefit this cause. We trust God will bless this venture."


Waterlilies Fantasy by Francine ClaryWaterlilies Fantasy by Francine Clary (top view)

Ready to Fly by Francine Clary (closed)Ready to Fly by Francine Clary (open)Ready to Fly by Francine Clary (close up of duck egg inside the rhea egg)

Each year the "Le Musee de l'Oeuf" holds an egg art contest.  The beautiful rhea egg (above) by Francine won second place in last year's (2001) contest. Inside the hinged rhea egg is a little cage made with a duck egg. The dove and roses are made of Fimo modeling clay.   Located in Soyans, France, the museum contains boasts exhibits of not only the expected bird eggs, but also crocodile, spider and dinosaur eggs.  There is reportedly an egg from the Loch Ness monster as well...........

Look for more of Francine's beautiful work at the two websites below.  Money raised from egg sales through De Memoire d'Eufs is donated to a children's charity.

Egg Samples International Egg Art
De Memoire d'Eufs






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