Extravagant Emu Egg Awards 2003

Diorama Emu Eggs

(a small representation of a scene with three dimensional figures viewed through a window, may or may not be hinged).   

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"The Peacock"
The emu egg is engraved, sculpted and hinged.  The peacock inside is made with fimo,
its tail being made of real peacock and emu feathers.
Francine Clary

"Wolf Family Emu Egg on Burlwood"

This is a sterile emu egg with a hand oil-painted background.
When dry, I placed the figurines inside with all kinds of dried natural
around it to give it a woodsy look.  I then glued the egg onto a dried piece
of burlwood, adding moss and dried lichen here and there to bring the
natural look all together.

Ann Tollette
7211 E. 191st St. S.
Bixby, OK.  74008-6726

"Pink and Silver Angel"

This egg has an oval and then a diamond shape cut out of each side. The inside of the egg is pink and the outside silver. I have hung a blown glass angel inside to reflect the light. The base is actually a silver napkin ring (I like to use the unexpected for bases.

Jeanie Chambers
"J'Eggs by Jeanie"
910 S.E. "G" St
Bentonville, AR 72712


"Blue Dancer Diorama"

Dressed in blue and white, our tiny dancer enjoys the song from three tiny birds as she sways in a white and blue gazebo.  The emu egg has been painted white and decorated with blue crystals, silk flowers and ribbon, gold braid, seed pearls and other embellishments.

Louise Stewart
28 Southern Cross Drive
Scarborough 4020
Queensland Australia


"Eagle Hideaway"

Emu egg painted a soft light ivory. Inside the egg, painted pale sky blue, small twigs form the eagle's nest filled with molded eggs. Individually formed and applied autumn leaves and the raised twig pattern give a feeling of autumn high atop a mountain. A golden eagle medallion graces the back of the egg.
Peg Gardiner
2950 Lakeview Golf Course Road
Meridian, MS 39301

"Southern Bell"

This Emu egg has been sectioned to reveal the interior of the egg. The inside of egg has been hand painted with a summer scene on the inside and a double row of beads placed along the edge to highlight. A beautiful porcelain doll was placed in the middle of the portrait for the diorama's centerpiece and place on an attractive gold egg stand.
Wendy Y. Payseur
3441 East Hwy 27
Lincolnton, NC 28092
(704) 736-0009


Three Wise men are giving gifts to baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  The Emu egg is trimmed with embroidered lace and painted in Christmas colors.
Marlene Gorder
12725 Shadowbrook Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98512

"Feathered Friends"

Geese are proudly admiring their nest while ducks are flying over it.
Marlene Gorder
12725 Shadowbrook Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98512

"Sunday in the Park"

A couple sitting on a bench while feeding the birds.  The emu egg is decorated with pearls, Austrian crystals and braid.  A red rose on the back completes the park theme.
  Marlene Gorder
12725 Shadowbrook Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98512


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