Extravagant Emu Egg Contest 2000

Diorama Emu Eggs
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Diorama:  a small representation of a scene with three dimensional figures viewed through a window, may or may not be hinged.

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"Holy Night"
Georgia Stewart
32290 Gaucho Dr.
Hemet, CA 92544 


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"An Egg for the Millennium"
Geri Williamson
2790 Reeves Lane
Lakeport, CA 95453

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 "Seals at Play"
 Susanna Lee ( Susie Q)
 90 Snapper St.
Hervey Bay,  Queensland. Australia.



 "Angel of my Heart"
 Susanna Lee  ( Susie Q )
90 Snapper St.
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.     http:/www.mary.big.net.au/susannalee susannalee@mary.big.net.au

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Penquin.jpg (30827 bytes)

The front  (with the two facing penguins) is cut away above their heads and between their bodies.  The baby is a 3-D figurine  mounted on a floor inside the egg looking out between the parents.   
Lee Michele Boyle
1054 Northmount Drive, N. W.
Calgary, Alberta T2L 0B9
(then click on Lee)
(403) 289-1722


"Mermaid Haven"
Peggy J Vincent



Th-fawn.jpg (10834 bytes) Thfawn2.jpg (21563 bytes)

" In The Fold"
A music box which plays 'Born Free'
Trina Hagglund
8-8177 West Coast Rd. Sooke
               BC Canada,   V0S 1N0


Th-emuc.jpg (17655 bytes)

Th-emu2.jpg (21799 bytes)

"Emu's Christmas" 
A Music Box that plays "Oh Holy Night"
Trina Hagglund
 8-8177 West Coast Rd. Sooke
BC Canada,   V0S 1N0




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