Extravagant Emu Egg Awards 2003

Decorated Emu Eggs
(May or may not have hinges) -  includes but is not limited to: beaded, jewel boxes, kaleidoscopes and minaudieres.   All artwork on these pages is copyrighted by both Emu's Zine (with rights reverting to the artist) and the artist creating the artwork.  This includes photographs of the artwork.  Contact the individual artists for permission before reproducing their artwork for any reason. 
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"Tropical Kiss"

This Tropical Fish was created from two Emu Eggs, and texturing was added using
Styrofoam, plaster, plaster cloth, and molding paste.  If you let this colorful
Fish "kiss" your eye while you rotate the fish's body, you'll "see" swirling
fireworks of green, teal, blue, fuchsia, and purple, as it contains a working
hand-made Kaleidoscope built inside those two Emu Eggs with a tumbling chamber
containing an assortment of sizes and shapes of translucent glass beads sealed
with a circle of textured iridescent glass located near the Fish's tail and a
clear viewing lens located in the Fish's mouth.  The Fish swims above a stand
created from a wooden plaque stained with translucent ink/varathane mixture,
sand from Florida, seashells collected from world travels, and hand-made plaster
cloth/molding paste seaweed.  It was airbrushed using acrylics.
Lee Michele Boyle
1054 Northmount Drive, N.W.
Calgary, Alberta  T2L 0B9
Lee's Legacy
(403) 289-1722

"Royal Blue Heart"

This unique emu egg was cut and reassembled to form a heart, then painted and decorated.  Note from artist: "I began decorating eggs as a form of coping with grief. I haven't studied anywhere nor to I copy anyone else's style".
Jeanie Chambers
"J'Eggs by Jeanie"
910 S. E. "G" St.
Bentonville, AK 72712

"Twin Towers/Crying Eagle Emu Egg"

The artist first painted a sterile emu egg gold, then
added ribbon and rhinestone trim on the open side.  The inside of the egg is lined with gold lame and contains a miniature of the Twin Towers.  A decoupaged a silk print of the now famous "Crying
Eagle" is outlined it with red, white and blue Austrian crystal rhinestones on the front.  The final is a red glitterball on top of the egg.
Ann Tollette
7211 E. 191st St. S.
Bixby, OK.  74008-6726

"Royal Ebony Emu Egg Clock"

This is actually two emu eggs, one inside the other.  Almost all metal parts are 24 k gold plate.  The clock with Roman Numerals is set inside the cabinet clock.  The cabinet is hinged and embellished with gold findings and seed pearl trim.  The back of the clock cabinet features a door for easy access to the workings.  A gold grown is the final on this piece.
Louise Stewart
28 Southern Cross Drive
Scarborough 4020
Queensland Australia

 "The Beckaneer"

Completely decked out in brass trimming and rigging, the Beckaneer began it's voyage as a charitable donation for the Alzheimer's Foundation.  Much attention was paid to detail, and the ship is equipped with full cannonade, free-spinning captain's wheel, opening hatchways, and a below-deck that can be peeked in upon through the aged brass porthole inserts. 
 Cherie Heinz
7242 Irving Avenue
Pennsauken, NJ  08109


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