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September/October 2000 issue

Texas Artist Gary Gunn 

by Myra Charleston

If you oversimplify, you say that emu eggs have three layers of color ranging from white on the inside to teal and then a dark green or black outer shell.  Texas artist Gary Gunn does not do simple work.  Yes, the outside is a dark, almost black green, but the inside layer of teal is actually as many as seven layers of light green.  Gary is gifted when it comes to utilizing those layers.  The four sided egg rotating at the top of this page is a departure for Gary, who does not usually put paint on his work.  This was a commissioned piece by Appleby's Restaurant and honors the General Pat Cleburne the town namesake, and in background is the town courthouse. 

Gary 12.jpg (19011 bytes)  Guneagle.jpg (14737 bytes) Gunn14.jpg (18733 bytes)  Gunn15.jpg (14771 bytes)  

Originally a hobby carver that worked on trophies and the control panels of hot air balloons,  Gary was inspired to try egg carving after seeing another artists work.  Since then his reputation as an artist has grown.  While Gary does carve clipper ships, logos and wildlife, his true calling is as a portrait artist.

Gunclip.jpg (19667 bytes)Horsebk.jpg (16019 bytes)Gunn10.jpg (16369 bytes)Gunn11.jpg (18518 bytes)

Using an emu egg as his canvas and the vast entertainment field as inspiration, Gary has carved the likeness of many celebrities.  Gary's customers have a wide range of tastes.  Among the "old favorites" is Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and Laurel & Hardy.  

Clint.jpg (20131 bytes)Maryln.jpg (19458 bytes)  Duke.jpg (10847 bytes)

The younger generation favors the likeness of Garth Brooks, Princess Diana, Harrison Ford or the various Star Wars characters.  

Gunnsw16.jpg (12636 bytes)  garth.jpg (28955 bytes)  Gunn9.jpg (21604 bytes)  Gunn5.jpg (22032 bytes)

According to Gary, the one egg he cannot keep in stock is that of Joseph nez Pierce (see picture to the right). Considering the overwhelming detail, it's easy to see why.  Cochise and End of the Trail are also American Indian favorites.  

Gunn20.jpg (22840 bytes)Cochise.jpg (15181 bytes)Guntrail.jpg (18449 bytes)Jnpierce.jpg (23563 bytes)

Most recently Gunn has expanded his line to include Civil War Generals for the re-enactment crowd.  Pictured below are (left to right) Generals Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Pierre Gustave T Beauregard, Pat Cleburne and, on a slightly different note, French impressionist painter, Renoir.

Relee.jpg (18015 bytes) Nforrest.jpg (19307 bytes)  Beaurgrd.jpg (18822 bytes)  Cleburne.jpg (22495 bytes)  Gungener.jpg (19294 bytes)

Whether it is to commemorate the joy of marriage, to remember an elderly relative or to capture a special moment, Gunn works from favorite photographs to create these one of a kind heirlooms that are testimonies to his skill.  

 Gunn13.jpg (15310 bytes)Granny.jpg (19154 bytes)Gunn18.jpg (12278 bytes)Gunn7.jpg (25774 bytes)

Gary chooses only the smoothest emu eggs for his work, and then spends 3 hours wet sanding the egg to remove any bits that could cause a chip or nick in the egg during the carving process.  Depending on the subject, it takes between 11 to 15 hours to complete each egg.  In many of the commissioned pieces, such as one recently done as a gift for State Representative Steve McDaniel of Tennessee, an inscription is etched on the back.  The work is so fine, most people think it is somehow printed.

Gunn19.jpg (19109 bytes)Gunn1.jpg (17046 bytes)Gun3.jpg (18437 bytes)Gunn17.jpg (6265 bytes)Gun2.jpg (18754 bytes)Gun4.jpg (19682 bytes)

Visit Gary's website at http://www.carved-eggs.com or contact him via email at gwgunn@airmail.net 

OR by snail mail:

Gary Gunn
235 South Skyline Ct.
Ft. Worth, TX 76126


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